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Why Votary

Created by British make-up artist Arabella Preston, Votary’s luxurious products harness the natural power of plant oils and active ingredients.


Votary began at the kitchen table of makeup artist, Arabella Preston.  Arabella started blending pure plant oils to cleanse her own skin, and to prep the skin of her high profile clients.  Thrilled by the transformative power of the cleansing and facial oils she made, she teamed up with friend and entrepreneur, Charlotte Semler, to create Votary.

At Votary we are passionate about the power of plant oils and botanical actives to give you healthy, dewy skin whatever your age.

Beautiful skin begins with properly clean skin, which is why the Votary cleansing routine is at the heart of everything we do. Votary cleansing oils and 100% pure cotton face cloths are simply the best way to clean and care for your face. It’s where great skin begins.

The Votary range now spans cleansing oils, facial oils, deeply nourishing creams, masks and powerful serums to give you healthy, happy, glowing skin.

Arabella Preston
Brightening Hyaluronic Serum


Votary is proudly vegan, and no Votary products contain any animal derived ingredients. Votary products are approved as cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny Programme.

All Votary products are made in the UK in small batches from the highest quality ingredients. 


Votary packaging
All Votary outer paper and card packaging is recyclable.
Votary box manufacturers are FSC & PEFC certified, and support the World Land Trust to offset any emissions produced during manufacture.
Votary products are packed with Eco Flo chips which are made from 100% genetically modified-free starch. Eco Flo is 100% biodegradable, fully compostable, low energy and dissolves in water. It is manufactured from annually renewable sources.
Votary use recyclable glass bottles which also work to preserve our luxurious oils from over-exposure to sunlight and heat.
Votary gift boxes are packed with recyclable shredded paper.

Votary’s Natural and Organic Ingredients
Votary carefully assess the quality of each ingredient that we use in our formulations. We use a combination of organic and non organic oils. Some oils are not available organically, or can be of inconsistent quality when organic. Votary select the best quality oils for the best possible result. 

Votary minis

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