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Tomato Seed Oil Solanum Lycopersicum

Key Ingredients:

Cold-pressed Tomato Seed Oil is a pale straw colour and is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants help to neutralise free radicals which can damage and age the skin. The star ingredient in Tomato Seed Oil is lycopene. Lycopene soothes skin, and helps heal dry or cracked skin. It also improves the smoothness of the skin, and can help against hyper-pigmentation. Tomato Seed Oil is also rich in Vitamin E.

Why We Love It:

I love growing tomatoes – especially tiny cherry ones – ¬†and summer lunches are always accompanied by a large bowl of them. I also love cooking with them – pasta sauces, soups and salsas. The key ingredient in tomatoes – lycopene – is actually intensified and made even healthier by cooking. Tomato ketchup – if it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar – is actually a nutrituous option for children. And tomatoes aren’t just good to eat – tomato seed oil is just as good for your skin. Votary Tomato Seed Oil is cold-pressed, which means it retains more of its pure, potent goodness.

I included it as one of the 22 seed oils in our Super Seed Cleansing Oil and Super Seed Facial Oil because it’s brilliant at soothing skin which is sensitive or dehydrated. It hydrates, soothes and calms stressed skin, and is particularly good for redness-prone skin.

I also used it in our skin-transforming Intense Night Oil and Intense Eye Oil. While you sleep it works away to smooth your skin, especially areas of fine lines around the eyes and mouth. It helps you wake to rejuvenated, smoother skin.

Which Votary Products to Find It In:

Super Seed Cleansing Oil; Super Seed Facial Oil; Intense Night Oil; Intense Eye Oil.


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