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What is Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic acid is what is known as a “beta hydroxy acid” (or BHA for short). We know it sounds scary, but it is both non-abrasive and non-corrosive. The salicylic acid we use in our products is naturally derived from the wintergreen plant and the bark and leaves of willow trees.

You can find Salicylic in our Super Glow Mask and Blemish Rescue Oil

How does Salicylic acid work?

Salicylic is a clever, natural exfoliant. It penetrates the stratum corneum, the pore lining, and breaks down the excess sebum (waxy oil produced by glands in your skin) which has caused the skin cells to clump together. The outer layers of the skin are sloughed off and shed. Blocked pore content is dissolved and the sebum flow is unobstructed once more. The effects are calmed and soothed skin.

Salicylic acid also helps reduce scarring and redness once the blemishes have disappeared. New, fresh skin emerges after the dead skin cells have been removed. With continued use of salicylic acid, the compacted skin doesn’t have the chance build up in the first place, so sebum production isn’t blocked and the blocked pore cycle is stopped in its tracks.

How will it help my skin?

Salicylic can help three things to happen:

1. Used regularly on blemished or oily skin, it stops the build-up of compacted, dead skin cells so the skin doesn’t get blocked or congested. Dead skin is shed promptly as part of a healthy skin cycle.

2. It helps regulate the natural flow of sebum to the skin’s surface. The skin then has the correct levels of oils/lipids to be moisturised, protected and comfortable.

3.  It clears and refines pores  so they don’t become blocked again. Its naturally anti-bacterial properties also mean everything is kept super-clean which avoids secondary infection or inflammation.

This all leads to a more even skin tone and smoother, brighter skin.

Where can I find Salicylic Acid in Votary Skincare?

A 2% formulation of salicylic acid can be found in our Blemish Rescue Oil and our Super Glow Mask.

The Super Glow Mask works to exfoliate, deep clean, and nourish skin. The salicylic is crucial for that first exfoliating benefit, revealing fresh new skin which is primed to reap the cleansing benefits of lightweight watermelon and passion fruit oils, and the nourishing effects of avocado and peach.

Blemish Rescue Oil acts as a more targeted treatment applied directly to spots. Salicylic penetrates the skins layers to unblock pores and remove compacted skin. Both salicylic and Tamanu oil act as natural anti-bacterials keeping the blemish site super clean, and promote healing with minimal marking or scarring.


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