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Raspberry Seed Oil Rubus Idaeus

Key Benefits:

Raspberry Seed Oil is bursting with goodness.

It contains Omega 3 and 6, which are essential fatty acids and which help the skin’s natural barrier to function well. Omega oils work to carry moisture deep into the skin for long-lasting hydration. They reduce redness and condition and protect. They also help the skin to repair itself, and are super-soothing.

Raspberry Seed Oil also contains Vitamin E, which helps to minimise fine lines, and tackles loss of elasticity and hyper-pigmentation. It also contains antioxidants which help to improve skin tone and elasticity.

Why we love it:

Raspberry Seed Oil is one of my favourite plant oils. Not only is it a little miracle worker for your skin, but it brings to mind gorgeous summer days and huge bowls of raspberries eaten outside with family and friends. I grow raspberries in my garden, and every time I look at their plump, perfect beauty I’m reminded of how good they are for you inside and out.

Raspberry seed oil is brilliant at nourishing your skin, and helps to make it resilient and strong.  Our Super Seed range was formulated to re-set and restore sensitive, fragile skin, and to care for skin that is in hormonal flux such as during pregnancy or menopause. Packed with the nutritious purity of natural goodness, it can coax stressed skin back to supple health. Raspberry seed oil is one of the reasons it does it so well.

Which Votary products to find it in:

Super Seed Cleansing Oil, Super Seed Facial OilSuper Seed Nutrient CreamSuper Seed Nutritional Supplement. Super Seed Serum


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