Neroli Citrus aurantium

Key Ingredients:

Neroli comes from the small, white, waxy fragrant blossoms of bitter orange trees.

It can have two formats in skin care. The first is an essential oil, which is steam-distilled from the flowers. The second is a floral water, which is a gentler, more diluted version, made from the water-soluble parts of the flower which are dissolved in water.

Neroli essential oil is hydrating and softening, and helps to lock-in moisture. It’s really good at giving added glow and dewiness to your skin. Neroli oil also contains antibacterial properties, which means it helps to keep skin clean, and guards against breakouts.

Neroli flower water is brilliant at toning and freshening skin. It helps to tighten pores and revive the skin’s mantle. It’s a really fresh, gentle way to spritz-up your skin. It also retains some of the anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory properties of the more concentrated essential oil, so when used it a toner it’s a really good way of prepping your skin and making sure it’s really clean before the hydration stage.

The fragrance of both neroli essential oil and flower water have aromatherapeutic benefits. In the flower water format it is uplifting and refreshing. In the more concentrated format of the essential oil, it is calming and soothing and helps to settle the mind.

Neroli can be found in our Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil, and Brightening Hyaluronic Serum

Why We Love it:

I’m obsessed with the gorgeous fragrance of neroli. It reminds me of Mediterranean holidays and beautiful balmy evenings. I wanted to include it as part of the Votary cleansing routine as I think it has such a therapeutic effect.

I decided to use neroli essential oil in our Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil, which is designed for use on normal and combination skins. Neroli’s antibacterial properties means it helps to keep the skin’s mantle clean, and so guards against breakouts. It’s also deeply hydrating – without being rich or thick – which means skin doesn’t become congested or overwhelmed. It adds nourishing moisture whilst keeping your skin beautifully balanced. The natural fragrance means it’s gorgeous to use as part of our three step ritual. When you add the facial oil to your palms, rub them together and then hold your hands to face and inhale deeply. Allow the neroli fragrance to soothe and settle your mind before beginning to press the oil gently into your skin. Your face will feel soft and hydrated,  and have a gorgeous dewy glow.

Neroli flower water is also an ingredient in our Brightening Hyaluronic Serum.

The neroli flower water is the key ingredient for its toning benefits. Gentle and soothing,  it refreshes and revives your skin and feels fresh, fresh, fresh as you pat it into your skin. In this more diluted version, the fragrance gives a zesty, citrussy uplift.

Which Votary Products to Find It In:

Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil; Brightening Hyaluronic Serum.


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