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Borage Seed Oil Borage Officianalis

Key Ingredient

Borage Seed Oil comes from the Borago Officianalis plant which  is native to the Mediterranean. Lovely to look at, it has beautiful, deep blue star-shaped flowers. Pale straw  in colour, it’s hero ingredient is gamma linolenic acid (a kind of omega oil). Borage seed oil contains more than twice the GLA of Evening Primrose oil.

You can find Borage throughout our Super Seed range

Why We Love It

Borage Seed Oil is brilliant at making the skin’s protective barrier stronger and more resilient.  It has a lovely light slip on the skin and is easily absorbed. It calms and nourishes, and helps tackle redness and roughness. It can also be helpful in soothing acne-troubled skin.

Which Votary Products You Can Find It In.

Borage Seed Oil is in three of the Votary Super Seed range; Super Seed Cleansing Oil, Super Seed Facial Oil and Super Seed Nutrient Cream. The Super Seed range  is designed to feed sensitive skin, and to nurture it back to resilient, glowing health. When the skin’s mantle is fragile, it means it’s vulnerable to redness, soreness and dryness. Borage Oil works to repair and strengthen it. More hydration is retained and the mantle becomes a more effective barrier against pollution and everyday toxins. Skin feels de-sensitised, smoother, stronger and more supple.

In the Super Seed range, Borage Seed oil works to coax fragile skin back to smooth, glowing strength.


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