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Your Winter Sun Skincare Edit

Winter Sun Skincare Edit

Winter holidays…if you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere sunny this winter, you’ll be thinking about Christmas baubles and bikinis simultaneously.

With the festive season about to begin, it’s easy to forget what your skin will need as it transitions between cold, dark winter days and gorgeous southern hemisphere sunshine.

Here are my top four picks to help you pack just what your skin needs in winter sun.

Darlings:  Our travel-ready, flight-sized, beautiful collection of our cult classics. It contains four miniatures of our best-selling products and is perfect for holidays and long weekends. It contains our original cult classic cleanser, Rose Geranium and Apricot,  for beautifully clean, soft, supple skin; our much loved, fragrance free Super Seed Facial oil to nourish and hydrate your skin; our overnight rejuvenator, Intense Night Oil, made with potent retinoid to lift, firm and restore as you sleep and our NEW Intense Eye Oil to lift, firm and replenish the delicate skin around the eyes. There’s also  our Votary Face Cloth – made from 100% pristine, soft, white cotton –  which helps remove grime, gently exfoliates, and activates all the goodness in our Votary formulas. It’s all contained in our lovely Votary cotton bag which makes packing your skincare super-easy. All you need to add is your SPF and your face is set to go.

Votary ready-to-go deluxe travel skincare set

Body Treatment Oil: Start using this a few days before you depart. It’s brilliant on skin that has just been waxed. Salicylic acid from the american wintergreen plant keeps pores soft, calm, and gently exfoliated, so you get no ingrowing hairs. Macadamia oil also deeply hydrates, while rosehip oil and Vitamin E nourish. Legs are beautifully winter sun ready.

Votary Body Treatment Oil is brilliant for skin post-waxing

Hydrating Body Oil: Our luxuriously fragranced daytime body oil works to hydrate and comfort skin. After being wrapped up in clothes for all of November and December, it will revitalise, refine and detox your skin from head to toe, leaving it beautifully smooth and perfectly hydrated. Peach kernel oil makes your skin velvety soft, while camellia comforts and restores glow. Plum and black cumin oil leave skin soft and soothed. The natural citrus hue of rosehip and sea buckthorn oils give skin a beautiful, flattering glow, and bergamot and mandarin oils add a zestly, uplifting fragrance. Getting your legs out for some winter sun has never been so easy…

Votary Hydrating Body Oil for soft, smooth, glossy limbs even in mid-winter

Blemish Rescue Oil: Is there no end to the talents of our cult hero product? Applied to a red, sore, itchy, unsightly mosquito bite it calms, soothes, and helps it to speedily heal. Tamanu Oil (nature’s anti-bacterial solution) keeps everything clean and stops it getting infected, while salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory and takes down redness and swelling. Your mosquito bites don’t become hard and dry, but instead heal with minimised marking. And, should you get a breakout because of stressed skin from a long-haul flight, or because of a change of diet or water, Blemish Rescue Oil will be on hand to quickly fix that too.

Blemish Rescue Oil calms and soothes mosquito bites as well as breakouts

With these four Votary products in your suitcase, your skin will feel healthy and comfortable and glowing. You will come back from your shot of winter sun looking refreshed and restored.

Love, Arabella x

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