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Meet The All-Natural Cult Cleansing Oil

Meet The All-Natural Cult Cleansing Oils

Inspired by Shu Uemura cleansing oil and my experience as a makeup artist…

I was a make-up artist, obsessed with working on properly clean skin. I wanted a cleanser which would remove every scrap of make-up and leave skin feeling soft and supple, not dry and tight. When I tried the classic Shu Uemura cleansing oil, I thought I was almost there. It whisked everything away, but it was made with mineral oils not plant oils.  So I created my own, natural formulations:  VOTARY Cleansing Oils.

The environmental cost of mineral oils, and their synthetic composition was a no-starter for me.  And, I was equally obsessed with wanting to use pure plant oils as they are kinder, gentler and more compatible with the skin’s complex microbiome.

So that’s where the Votary journey actually began. I resolved to create a facial cleansing oil to use on my clients’ faces which was as efficient as Shu Uemura but made naturally from pure plant oils. My kitchen table became my own personal apothecary as I taught myself about ingredients and made many different formulas.  I quickly learned how nourishing apricot and jojoba whisk away dirt and environmental toxins, and how grapeseed and sunflower oil soften and soothe.I tested everything on myself, and when friends and colleagues kept saying how great my skin was looking, I knew I’d stumbled upon something which I’ve been passionate about ever since.

Everything begins somewhere, and when people ask me where and how Votary first began, I absolutely know the answer. It’s a common experience for lots of entrepreneurs. They find a product they like but which isn’t exactly right for what they want and need. That product becomes the  trigger for the journey to a business of their own.

Pure plant oils can transform your skin, whatever your skin type or age. They’re brilliant at cleansing it, soothing it,  feeding it and protecting it. They can work with your skin to keep it healthy, glowing and resilient.

I’m proud that Votary is one of the very first luxury skincare brands to use pure plant oils and botanical actives to create beautifully natural skincare with proven results. Each time I use our gorgeous cleansing oils, I never stop being happy about how perfectly clean, soft and supple they make my whole face feel.

Love, Arabella x

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