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The Pure Power of Votary Plant Oils

I’m passionate about the natural, transformational power of Votary plant oils. I believe they have the ability to transform skin and to make it healthy, strong and beautiful, whatever your age and skin issues. Unlike mineral oils, which are cheap, clogging, and environmentally questionable, Votary plant oils are pure, natural, and bio-compatible. This means that they are skin-friendly, readily absorbed, and quickly work their magic. All Votary plant oils are expertly blended from specific base oils, which means each formula works in a different way to address your skin’s needs.

If someone asks me for FIVE gifts Votary plant oils can give your skin, these are the ones I choose.

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Arabella Preston, Votary co-founder


We all want our best possible skin, and every day that we properly clean and moisturise our faces is a step towards that.

ALL of the Votary range works to improve your skin. Plant powered goodness means that skin is strengthened, smoothed and plumped-up. Calendula flower extract soothes and calms. Tomato Seed Oil and Rosehip Oil smooth fine lines and restore tone. Oat oil soothes and calms. Your skin becomes healthy and glowing.

Votary 100% cotton face cloths for properly clean skin


Troubled skin needs intelligent care which can heal, clarify and hydrate.

Oat, rice bran and peach are non-comedogenic (they don’t block your pores) and so heal and soothe without causing new congestion. Clary sage, rosemary and bergamot purify. Glycolic gently and evenly exfoliates. Your skin becomes clearer, calmer, smoother and – for many of our customers – blemish free.

Votary Clarifying Range


Fragile skin is demanding skin, and Votary excels at feeding it with pure botanical goodness. I believe that what you put on your skin should be as nutritious as what you put into your body. Pumpkin, chia, and broccoli give a fabulous boost of antioxidants. Our Super Seed Supplement is made from ten cold-pressed, virgin organic seed oils for the ultimate vegan blend of Omegas 3, 6 and 9.


All Votary plant oils are brilliant at adding hydration to your skin so that it feels plumped-up, moisturised and beautifully radiant.  In a Votary plant oil you get a pure shot of natural, nutritive oils which are often diluted in creams. Keeping skin properly hydrated also reduces the risks of scarring from blemishes. In our formulas, argan remedies dryness. Peach, camellia  and plum oil provide rich hydration. Hyaluronic boosts your skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Votary plant facial oils deeply hydrate and nourish


Our skin is exposed to so many elements – temperature, weather, pollution, grime – and it’s influenced from within by stress, hormonal flux and diet. Votary cleansing oils are the best protective step for water-shy skin because afterwards your skin doesn’t feel tight and taut just beautifully clean. Votary plant oils don’t strip the skin of its own bio-oils, so protect its natural equilibrium. Dry skin doesn’t become sensitive skin. Tamanu gives natural, anti-bacterial protection and our Super Seed Nutrient Cream and Super Seed Facial Oil are totally fragrance free to protect super-sensitive skin.

Super Seed Nutrient Cream layers and locks in goodness

Improve. Heal. Nourish. Hydrate. Protect.

Votary transformational pure plant facial oils work beautifully to give you healthy, beautiful, dewy skin. Get the Votary glow!

Love,  Arabella  x

To learn more about how Votary can transform your skin, read here.

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