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The Independent, October 2018.

In a clever piece on the Best Moisturisers for Dry Skin, Pippa Bailey talks about the problems of having dry skin. ‘Those with dry skin will be all too familiar with having to apply several layers of moisturiser, only to feel as though you’ve not applied anything minutes later, leaving skin rough, patchy and tight by the middle of the day. And then there’s the peeling, which, exacerbated by winter weather, is at best irritating and at worst painful.’

Pippa goes on to distinguish between dry and dehydrated skin. ‘The latter is more common, and looks dull and is audibly papery-sounding under fingers. Deal with it by drinking plenty of water, eating fresh food and using products containing hyaluronic acid. Dry skin is a more surface-level problem that results in dry, flaky patches and requires heavy-duty creams. Finding those that nourish, protect and improve the skin’s appearance without leaving your face greasy and a nightmare for make-up, however, is tricky.’

Votary’s Super Seed Nutrient Cream makes Pippa’s  edit, and she says: ‘Votary can do no wrong as far as we’re concerned. Its Super Seed Nutrient Cream is the only cream in the range (facial oils are the brand’s bread and butter) and it contains the same 22 oils as the cult Super Seed Facial Oil. It smells like you could eat it – earthy, natural and healthy – and feels rich and deeply nourishing and yet leaves a matte finish, making it a perfect make-up base.’

As winter draws near, Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream is a brilliant way to layer and lock-in hydration. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, it will leave it ‘plumped and comfortable for hours after.’

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