Super Seed Nutrient Cream is Back!

Super Seed Nutrient Cream is back!

Freshly made and packed with skin protecting and nourishing ingredients.

Thank you to all the lovely #Votarists who have patiently waited for it. To those who have never tried it, read on to find out what all the joy is about.

Super Seed Nutrient Cream is the part of our cult Super Seed range. It’s made with the same twenty one different seed oils but in a thick, deeply nourishing, matte cream which adds an extra layer of smooth protection to your face. It locks in all the potent goodness of seed oils without blocking pores or causing congestion. And, it doesn’t overload or overwhelm skin. Instead, skin is hydrated, nourished, calmed and soothed.

Super Seed Nutrient Cream  is a total crowd-pleaser.

It’s designed for those who have delicate, fragile, sensitised skin or who require profound hydration. It’s made for those who want natural skin care loaded with pure plant goodness, and who need an extra layer of  hydration. It’s great for those prefer to use a cream rather than an oil. It’s perfect for everyone for mid-winter usage to protect your face from extreme cold, chapping and redness.  Fragrance free, it’s also ideal for women in pregnancy who want to avoid perfume but whose skin is suffering from dryness and hormonal flux. Designed for the face, we’ve also had #Votarists tell us it’s brilliant for the neck, for cuticles and even the feet. It’s totally restorative. It’s also a fantastic primer for make-up, and helps to keep your foundation looking fresh and dewy all day long.

And now, it’s packed with even more goodness.

It has  a new hero ingredient, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by the skin. It works to boost skin’s moisture content, to soothe, and to defend against moisture loss. It helps your skin to hold onto more moisture for longer. I’ve added hyaluronic acid to Super Seed Nutrient Cream to give it even more hydrating power. Your face will feel beautifully comfortable and calm all day long.

Super Seed Nutrient Cream can be used in two ways. Either simply massage into your skin after using your facial oil. Or, add a dab to your palm, and then add two to three drops of  whichever facial oil your skin needs. Combine, and then massage into your skin for a bespoke, super-nourishing treatment. Your skin will  be smooth, matte, comfortable and ready to face the elements.

I’m so delighted that it’s back in stock. If you’re already a fan, enjoy having your trusted ally back. If you’ve yet to try it, we know your skin will love it.

Love,  Arabella x

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