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Steffy White on her Super Seed Routine

Steffy White on Super Seed – why she loves her skincare routine and why it’s so perfect for sensitive skin.

Taking care of your skin is an important part of self care and wellness. Our skin is often the first thing people notice about us.

Watch yoga teacher and Votary fan Steffy White chat all things Super Seed, skincare and wellness.

Steffy White talks to us about her skin and why Super Seed is an integral part of her skin health. She explains why  it’s part of her daily wellness routine, and how it’s a moment in the day for calm reflection.

Made from 22 different seed oils, Votary Super Seed range is kind to your skin, kind to the planet and kind to those with whom we share it. Used as part of your daily skincare routine,  Votary Super seed range de-sensitises stressed skin, calms and soothes irritation, and coaxes skin back to healthy resilience. Redness is calmed, texture is improved, and skin has a new soft, supple dewiness. It’s what your sensitive skin has been crying out for. What’s more, it’s 100% natural, fragrance free, deeply nourishing, vegan and cruelty free because at Votary we believe that nothing and no-one should have to suffer for beautiful skincare.

Shop Super Seed here.

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Love, Arabella x

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