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Spots and how to heal them

Spots – we all get them and when we do, it seems counter intuitive to add oil to oily skin. However, using plant facial oils to cleanse and hydrate blemished skin can re-balance the skin’s mantle and give you clear, glowing, healthy skin again.  Votary’s Clarifying Range works brilliantly to soothe, nourish and  heal.

Even if you don’t have acne prone skin, we’re all sometimes ambushed by a huge spot or a scattering of blemishes which dent confidence and complicate skin care. Hormonal flux, environmental aggressors, stress, diet and life stage are all triggers. But, whatever the cause, what you want most as you look  in the mirror is a hero solution. Step forward our cult Blemish Rescue Oil!

A total hero product for soothing and healing spots

For years we’ve all been taught to use strong chemical products on spots. It can feel like a bold move to add more oil to skin which is blocked with sebum and infection. However, the results are transformational!

Trust us.

Here’s why:

Votary Blemish Rescue Oil is so much better at tackling spots than chemically-loaded products which just dry out and scorch the skin and leave it scaly and peeling. Blemishes disappear much faster if you don’t dry them out, and if you don’t traumatise the skin around them. Blemish Rescue Oil is made from a healing blend of natural, soothing plant oils which work to soften, soothe, calm and heal.

Salicylic acid   – derived from the wintergreen plant – penetrates pores to dissolve dead skin and compacted sebum, and works as an anti-inflammatory to diminish redness and facilitate extraction or bursting. (I think we’re all allowed one cheeky squeeze!) Tamanu oil is anti-bacterial, and mops up infection and reduces marking or scarring. Rice and oat oil help clarify and soothe. Your skin stays soft, doesn’t itch or peel, and heals faster. Used topically as many times as required during the day, it’s a total game changer.

Bye bye blemishes!

And don’t just take our  word for it. Here’s what some happy Votarists have to say:

– For me this is close to being a miracle product.

– I have loved using this…it has really helped clear up my skin. It smells divine, and has soothed my skin rather than drying it out.

– It seems to stop spots in their tracks!

– This is fantastic! It really helped heal up my spots and fast.

Simply dot a drop onto a spot, gently massage in and allow it to get to work. We’re confident you’ll never want to put chemically-loaded, desiccating products on your skin again.

The best way to treat troubled skin and spots

And, if your skin is really troubled, use Blemish Rescue Oil with our Clarifying Cleansing Oil, and Clary Sage and Peach Facial Oil to calm, clear and balance break-out prone skin and to give you glow.

With Votary plant facial oils, you can change your spots…

Love, Arabella  x

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