Skincare during Pregnancy

Skincare during Pregnancy

Pregnancy means trying to take the best possible care of yourself and your unborn child.  It makes you think a little harder about everything you put in, and on, your body, and brings with it a desire to minimise environmental toxins that may be sub-optimal for your baby. Pregnancy also brings with it morning sickness, extreme hormonal flux, acne, pigmentation and tiredness. At a time when you are expected to be blooming, your skin can start to struggle. Our Super Seed range is here to help you glow and to give you peace of mind. Effective skincare during pregnancy can be a lovely helping hand.

Created by me for use during  pregnancy and for super-sensitive skin issues,  the range is made from a blend of  twenty one different seed oils to give you the purest, most natural skincare solution possible. Free from chemicals, fillers and preservatives, it supports your skin through the challenges of pregnancy.

There are four products in the range.

skincare during pregnancy

Super Seed Nutritional Supplement is rich in Omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids. It contains a high proportion of flax seed oil which is the best natural plant source of Omega 3. It’s free from wheat, gluten, preservative, flavourings, and colouring and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  A daily spoonful supports beautiful skin, glossy hair and strong nails, as well as boosting your metabolism.

skincare during pregnancy

Super Seed Cleansing Oil is packed full of the pure goodness of pumpkin, broccoli and jojoba. Our most soothing, nourishing and hydrating cleansing oil, it leaves your skin beautifully clean and soft and helps discourage any blemishes from forming. This is the only product in the range which contains tiny trace elements of the essential oils of parsley and chia so if you prefer to totally avoid essential oils during your pregnancy this cleanser is not for you.  For most pregnant women, it’s the perfect first step to glowing skin.

skincare during pregnancy

Super Seed Facial Oil is the ultimate in health food for your hungry skin! Made with melon, raspberry, borage, cranberry and pomegranate oils, it nourishes  and soothes. Quickly absorbed, it re-sets dry and sensitive skin. It’s also completely fragrance free, and is infused only with the natural woody keynotes of the ingredients.  Your skin will feel soft, supple and purely healthy.

skincare during pregnancy

Super Seed Nutrient Cream is formulated for those of you who need even more hydration. If pregnancy has made your skin super-dry or red, or your skin needs additional protection from the elements, it will help create a smooth, matte barrier between your face and the world. Containing the same twenty one super seed oils as the facial oil,  I designed it to layer over the oil as the ultimate skin soother and softener. Mango seed butter deeply moisturises and protects, and helps skin to recover.

Across the range the combination of twenty one pure and wholesome natural seed oils will nurture your skin through pregnancy and help you put your best face forward. And when your baby is born, the Super Seed range can continue to give you glowing, healthy radiant skin.

Love, Arabella x

skincare during pregnancyp.s. Thank you to Nicole whose skincare during pregnancy was the Super Seed range. She glowed through it and allowed us to share this beautiful picture of her son!

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