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Skin Care for Every Life Stage

Hormone balance is always changing, and our skin is where any imbalance shows. At different life stages, this results in different skin care issues. Whatever your life stage, when your hormones are unsettled, your skin needs nurturing, nourishing care.

Votary plant facial oils are as natural as your skin is, and work brilliantly to keep your skin happy and healthy at each and every life stage.

For teenage skin: Adolescence can send skin into crisis. Our Clarifying range can help calm, soothe and heal. Clarifying Cleansing Oil cleans skin properly without making it dry and tight, so skin isn’t triggered into starting the whole cycle again. Oat oil soothes, rice bran oil gently exfoliates, and rosemary and bergamot purify and lift impurities away.  Clarifying Facial Oil hydrates without overwhelming the skin’s mantel, and clary sage and peach soothe and nourish. Blemishes can be tackled topically with Blemish Rescue Oil. Tamunu and salicylic acid work to heal quickly whilst minimising scarring and keeping skin soft and supple.

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For cyclical skin: Every month, your skin faces challenges as monthly hormonal flux leads to breakouts and irritation. The important thing is to keep skin perfectly clean and hydrated, and to avoid skin becoming compacted or clogged. Our Original Hydration range cares for your skin through each stage of your cycle. Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleanser  whisks away dirt, environmental toxins and make up, leaving your skin beautifully clean, gently exfoliated and fresh. Brightening Hyaluronic Serum renews, freshens, plumps up, and gives glow. Jasmine and Calendula Facial Oil re-tunes and hydrates.

For pregnancy: Pregnancy means trying to take the best possible care of yourself and your unborn child.  It can also mean morning sickness, extreme hormonal flux, acne, pigmentation and tiredness. At a time when you are expected to be blooming, your skin can start to struggle. Our Super Seed range is here to help you glow and to give you peace of mind. Created for use during pregnancy and for super-sensitive skin issues, the range is made from a blend of 22 different seed oils to give you the purest, most natural skincare solution possible. Free from chemicals, fillers and preservatives, it supports your skin through the challenges of pregnancy.

For menopausal skin: Peri-menopause and menopause can cause particular skin problems. Skin that has been normal can become stressed, super-sensitive, red, dry or irritated. Our Super Seed range is brilliant at bringing challenged skin back to life.  Super Seed Cleansing Oil is packed full of natural goodness, and leaves skin feeling clean, soft and soothed. Super Seed Facial Oil calms and nourishes, and the fragrance- free formula is perfect for sensitised or delicate skin. Super Seed Nutrient Cream gives an extra layer of protection. It locks in moisture, and leaves skin matte and smooth. To help skin from within, Super Seed Nutritional Supplement contains an optimal blend of omegas 3, 6 and 9 to support happy skin, glossy hair and strong nails.

Whatever your skin’s life stage, Votary can help you glow through it.

Love,  Arabella x

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