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Q & A with MUA Sarah Brock

Sarah Brock –  MUA to Anne Hathaway and Gal Gadot – is the fourth in our series of conversations with renowned make up artists. I was so thrilled to chat with Sarah. I think her work is beautiful, and confirms that the best make-up begins with the best prepped skin.

Sarah Brock’s career has had so many highlights – read on to learn more.

Can you tell us about your career trajectory – how did you graduate to being personal MUA to two of the most beautiful and starriest of faces, Gal Gadot and Anne Hathaway?

There are so many things over 18 years in the business. Initially I worked in the bridal make-up world, making up over 1,000 brides. Winning major awards lead to me working with Conde Nast BRIDES Magazine – I created the makeup looks for 28 covers and over 30 editorial shoots. I also worked as the Artistic Director for Daniel Sandler Cosmetics, helping in training artists and getting an insight in to product development. I worked at London Fashion Week, then worked as a brand ambassador which lead to presenting beauty on QVC. I’ve written as a beauty commentator for Glamour, Vogue,  and Marie Claire, and had my own column in Conde Nast BRIDES. I also worked for Chanel as a leading bridal makeup expert in their Covent Garden Boutique.

I was the makeup artist  for OK Magazine for the wedding of Peter and Emily Andre, after which I was contacted by the Hollywood director Patty Jenkins who saw my work online & asked me to be the personal MUA to Gal Gadot on the Wonder Woman movie. That then led to me working with Gal on the red carpet, and for press and commercials in Europe. I have just worked with her as her personal MUA on the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie. After seeing the first Wonder Woman movie, Anne Hathaway asked me to work with her as her personal MUA on the Hustle movie – so for the time being my focus is working with these beautiful actresses in movies, on the red carpet and for press

What are you known for in the industry?

Very natural, flawless, skin. I’m not about thick, heavy makeup – my passion is making women look naturally gorgeous.

If you had to pick a favourite Sarah Brock look that you create, what would it be?

Natural, gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin

What’s the best shoot you’ve ever done?

That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child! I can’t choose just one, as I have loved all of my work.

What’s your best red-carpet make-up tip?

Go easy on the glow – keep it sheer and light, not heavy and glittery.

We all know make-up can only be as good as the skin it’s put on. How do you keep your clients’ skin clear, hydrated and glowing with all the pressures of their busy lifestyles, stress, and the demands of constantly applying and removing make-up for shoots and filming?

I only use the best skincare (and makeup) on my clients. All of the skincare I use on them is perfect for their skin type. I also send them to the best facialists in London who I know will also look after them. You have to be gentle always with their skin and treat it with total care.

How do you prep your client’s skin for make-up?

Again, it depends on the client as different skin types have different requirements, but whatever the skin type I always start with a plumping and hydrating sheet mask and then apply the best skincare in thin, even layers. You can’t apply too much skincare as this will make the makeup ‘slide off’ the skin.

How do you deal with an unexpected blemish on a client’s face – we’ve all had them – before a red carpet event or shoot?

It’s all about the skill of concealing – again in thin layers (after foundation) so that it looks natural, but most important is that you use the correct texture of concealer

What Votary products are in your kit, and what’s your go-to product?

I adore your cleansing oils – the Super Seed for a more dry skin and the Clarifying Cleansing Oil for a more combination skin.

I’m obsessed with the new Intense Eye Oil – its incredible for the delicate skin around the eyes – and for the long hours and travelling that my actresses do. It’s amazing to have a product that rejuvenates, refreshes & minimises fine lines.

I also have ALL of your body oils in my kit – they are divine. The fragrances are beyond gorgeous, but more importantly it leaves limbs looking younger, moisturised & glowing.

All these are a go-to for me!

When do you opt to use oil, and when cream, and what do you think the key differences are in usage and effect?

I tend to use light gel texture creams for an oilier skin type, but for a drier skin, oils are fantastic as they ‘plump’ the skin’s texture. It’s  important to apply in a light layer and massage the skin for a few minutes, then allow it to absorb into the skin before you start with make-up application.

If you could share one golden rule about skincare what would it be?

Spend more money on oils/ serums as they are going to deliver the best results to your skin, rather than spending more on creams.

Please can you share three top make-up tips with Votarists?

1. You can save money on colour products (eyes/ cheeks/ lips), but when it comes to foundation, invest more in this as I think that you get what you pay for.

2. Apply your foundation first in a thin even layer, then apply concealer on top just where you need it. This is what makes skin look more natural, rather than just one layer of thick heavy foundation to cover everything.

3. Unless you have a really oily skin, I much prefer cream blushers, highlights & bronzers, rather than powder ones. It makes skin look so much more luminous and it’s so much more flattering than powder.

Thank you, Sarah. I think #Votarists are going to love learning from you. I’m so proud that Votary is in your kit bag, and that you use it as the first step to so many beautiful looks.

Love, Arabella x

Read more about Sarah Brock here.

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