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The perfect party face

I adore the holiday season. Like all of us, I try to aim for a brilliant balance of party time and pyjama time; of sparkling, seasonal socialising and cosy fireside relaxation. My Votary must-haves keep my skin happy throughout, and here’s how…

My background as a make up artist taught me that how you prime your skin is key to how your foundation settles and glows. Super Seed Nutrient Cream is my go-to when I’m prepping my party face. It works two kinds of magic. Firstly, it’s deeply hydrating and it locks in precious moisture. It means your skin is protected from all the demands you place upon it when you move between hot, crowded rooms and the cold outdoors. It also means it stays looking plumped-up and dewy even if you stay out late and don’t drink enough water when you get home (hands up, anyone?).  Secondly, it’s formulated  to leave a smooth, matte finish on your skin which is the perfect base for foundation. It means it settles and fixes properly, so your skin stays looking luminous and dewy all night long. There’s no shine and no slip – just great staying power.

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My second party trick is our Tinted Lip Gloss. A swoosh of it over my lipstick gives the most gorgeous gleaming finish without stickiness or too much shine. It keeps my lips feeling really comfortable and hydrated too, which I’m really grateful for the next day.

New for me this year is switching my perfume for a roll of our new aromatherapy vial, Desire. Made from luxurious, pure essential oils, I adore its fusion of wild rose, orange and jasmine. The fragrance is warm, uplifting and bright. Its gorgeous aromatherapeutic power makes me feel harmonised and energised.  I have received so many compliments when I’m wearing it and it’s become a party favourite.

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It will come as no surprise to you that my absolute party face must-have is our much-loved Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil. Great skin starts with properly clean skin, which means taking all of my make-up off every night. The sparkliest eye shadow and the most longwear mascara all melt away with our little miracle worker.  It takes everything off  first time. I also find the soothing routine – the warm face cloth held softly to my face which gives me a moment to breathe and to gather – helps to prepare me for sleep. It helps me to relax, quieten and calm my mind. It’s an essential part of my unwinding process before bed.

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My final share is about keeping myself looking well throughout the holiday season. Things can get so busy and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or ambushed by fatigue. I take our Super  Seed Nutritional Supplement every day. Vegan and loaded with omega oil goodness, it keeps my skin, hair and nails beautifully nourished. It’s my go-to tonic and it helps keep me glowing. If I could add it to a cocktail, I absolutely would…

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Enjoy getting your party face on. I wish you a happy holiday season with your own perfect balance of party dresses and pyjamas.

Love, Arabella x

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