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Our little Étoiles…

Our Little Étoiles…

Evidently we’re huge fans of what oil can do for your skin.

We are passionate about our starry oils being the best way to clean, hydrate and nourish your skin.

I’ve blogged before about what individual oils like rosemary, tamanu, jasmine, and peach can do, so now I want to share why oil is such a hero format in achieving beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.



Here is why I love the natural power of plant oils….

Plant oils…

….are totally natural so your skin doesn’t get saturated with synthetic ingredients.

… work to dissolve and lift grime without drying your skin out.

… balance greasy skin because they don’t stress and dry it out, and so don’t trigger more sebum production.

… can dissolve oil, which means they’re  brilliant an unblocking sebum clogged pores.

… are so simple, so naturally wholesome and nutritious, they don’t confuse and and overwhelm your skin like multi chemical compounds can.

… are compatible with the skin’s cellular structure and so are easily and quickly absorbed.

… work magically on blemishes because they soothe, calm, and soften them and then speedily heal them with minimised scarring or discolouration. They are so much kinder than harsh chemical  solutions.

… cleanse without drying out your skin. Although you use  water to remove it, an oil cleanser forms a protective barrier to the skin’s mantle, leaving it feeling plumped up and soft rather than tight and taut.

… can be absorbed deep into the epidermis. This means that when oil is loaded with active ingredients like salicylic acid and retinol, it helps them to penetrate more deeply for better effects.

… give a beautiful, smooth, matte base to your skin, leaving it perfectly prepped for make-up.

…are brilliant at whisking away every trace of make up – including mascara because they are kind to eyes – so your face feels totally clean at the end of each day.

… have natural, inherent fragrances which are soothing and uplifting and can help settle your mind.

… are vegan and cruelty free for clean skin and a clean conscience.


Sometimes the simplest formats are the very best, and sometimes the very best skincare is the simplest.

Love, Arabella x


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