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Dewy, summer skin

Get glowing skin this summer. Here’s how…

dewy skin

With sunnier days ahead, you might find your skin needs a little more attention than usual. Here’s our at-home recipe for skin that is as luminous as the sun, or as soft as clouds… whatever your fancy!

Choose Your Focus

Brighten with Super Glow Mask. Bring out your inner glow with the help of this clever mask. It uses salicylic acid to break up congestion and sweep away dullness, while lightweight watermelon seed oil nourishes and gives a dewy radiance.

Nourish with Intense Overnight Mask. Supple skin ahead! This blend of hyaluronic acid, oat kernel flour and rosehip oil wraps your skin in a blanket of essential lipids, antioxidants and moisture overnight, for ultra-soft and plump skin the next morning.

Don’t forget to show your body some love too! Antidote Bath and Body Oil is a luxurious multi-tasking oil. It soothes as it cleanses, using passionflower and calendula to deeply moisturise, and lavender and chamomile to calm and de-stress you. We love to take a couple of pumps of Antidote Bath and Body Oil and massage it in to legs before dry buffing with a gorgeous, fluffy 100% cotton Votary face cloth.

Body Treatment Oil helps you say goodbye to dry, stubborn, unsightly patches. This vitamin E-rich formula with macadamia oil, rosehip oil and salicylic acid, exfoliates, moisturises and regenerates to reveal fresh, beautifully luminous skin.

Hydrating Body Oil helps restore your skin to dewy health with hydrating plum, softening peach and soothing camellia. Together with its bright bergamot and mandarin scent, it leaves behind a sunny glow – in your skin and heart!

Summer can sometimes mean blemishes. Keep your skin clean but resist the temptation to dry it out. Honestly! Protecting the skin surrounding the blemish will improve recovery time drastically and help prevent scarring.

Blemish Rescue Oil is a gentle, effective blend of tamanu oil and salicylic acid. These hero ingredients work together with our light blend of natural plant oils to heal and soothe blemished skin. Watch VOTARY Co-founder Arabella Preston when she caught up with Caroline Hirons.

Blemish Rescue Oil

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Discover your new VOTARY summer routine with our Find Your Routine tool, or email us for skincare advice any time at [email protected].

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