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New Year, New Skin the Votary Way

New year, new skin.

January is the time to really think about how best to care for your skin, especially after the festive season when more partying and less sleep is frequently written all over our faces. Mid-winter can be harsh, and cold weather brings with it dry, chapped, reddened skin. Votary pure, plant facial oils can help you to give your skin exactly the care it needs, so that you glow through the coldest of days.

In a recent article in The Times,  dermatologist Nicola Clayton said “it’s the extremes of temperature that are harmful. As we go from the cold outdoors to the over-warm indoors, the blood vessels in our skin change rapidly to deal with the shifting temperature, causing redness, and the fluctuating conditions also draw moisture from our skin.”

Cold winds, plunging temperatures and snow, coupled with central heating, overly hot baths and showers, and layers of layers of clothing, mean our skin is constantly having to adjust and adapt. Eczema and rosacea are also often worse during the winter, but even for those without specific skin issues, skin can become dry, red and itchy. In the same article, journalist Peta Bee reports that scientists increasingly recognise that “winter skin” is a physical problem and are beginning to understand its causes. Researchers from Denmark and Germany suggest that plummeting seasonal temperatures disrupt the skin’s natural protection and that the skin’s barrier is affected by climatic and seasonal change.

The first trigger is central heating. It decreases the available humidity, which then draws moisture from your skin. A hot bath or shower can also be problematic, as hot water draws out the skin’s natural fats and oils which help to keep it moisturised and smooth. Scented soaps also make skin more dry and flaky, and anything that bubbles when mixed with water usually contains parabens  which strip skin of its natural oils. Rubbing hot, wet skin with a towel after a shower can break down the skin’s barrier, and make dryness and chapping more likely.

The second trigger is the outside world. Freezing temperatures means less moisture in the air, so your skin has to work harder to stay hydrated. Cold winds and harsh weather also physically chap and irritate the skin.

So how can Votary pure plant oils help to keep your skin gorgeous, glowing and comfortable through mid-winter days? I blogged in the summer about our easy 1-2-3 skincare routine. With a little tweaking (I’ve added one extra step to make it four) caring for your skin in the winter can have the same easy simplicity. New year new skin can be yours.

Step 1. Using a pure, plant oil cleanser to cleanse your face, rather than a water-based one, is much kinder and gentler for your skin. It doesn’t strip the skin’s mantle of its natural oils and fats, and it leaves it feeling plumped-up, soft and comfortable rather than dry and taut. Our Super Seed Cleansing Oil is the richest and most nourishing of our cleansers. Made with 22 super seed oils, pumpkin, chia, broccoli and jojoba play a starring role in making your skin feel clean and soothed. The Votary cleansing ritual with the hand-hot, wrung-out facecloth also means your skin is gently warmed without exposing it to moisture-depleting water. (Read more about the Votary ritual here.)

New year new skin

Step 2. Hydrate and nourish your skin with a Votary facial oil. On the coldest of days, our Rose Maroc and Sandalwood formula is ideal. Nutrition-packed apricot and avocado oils  replenish dry and dehydrated skin while calendula flower extract soothes and calms. Skin plumps-up and softens, and any chapping from cold weather is healed. If you can take a couple of minutes to massage the facial oil into your skin, it will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as release surface tension, soften fine lines, soothe your mind and add new radiance. (Read more about the benefits of facial massage here.)

New year new skin

Step 3. Give yourself some additional protection from the elements. To help counteract any dryness or irritation, layer Super Seed Nutrient Cream over your facial oil. Its calming, fragrance-free formula creates a layered barrier between your face and the world, protecting against cold, dry air and making your skin feel soothed, supple and comfortable. It contains mango seed butter to deeply moisturise and protect, and our 22 bespoke Super Seed oils to calm and soften. Skin feels matte and smooth, and ready to face the coldest of winter days.

New year new skin

Step 4. And finally, don’t forget your limbs. Avoid chafing and irritating your skin by not using soap bars or anything that foams in water. Instead, use our gorgeous new Antidote Night Oil for intense hydration.  Made from a potent blend of nourishing plant oils, it replenishes and restores parched limbs. Passionflower, calendula and sweet almond deeply hydrate and add a lustrous smoothness to dry, uncomfortable skin. Add to the bath, or smooth over your body in the shower. For extra-luxurious, intense hydration, smooth over damp limbs.

Antidote Night Oil

Winter skin doesn’t have to mean dry, red, chafed and uncomfortable skin. Follow the new Votary four easy steps for skin that will glow and feel comfortable all winter.

Love, Arabella x

Read more about why Votary is so good for winter skin here and here.

Thanks to Peta Bee in The Times for the article which is the basis for the first part of this blog. For the full article read here.

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