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New Super Glow Mask

New Super Glow Mask.

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Reveal your best and brightest skin with our new 100% natural, nourishing oil mask. Glow-giving, brightening and smoothing, Super Glow Mask makes your skin look amazing.

Made from pure, potent plant oils, Super Glow Mask works in three ways.

It exfoliates, deep cleans and nourishes to leave skin radiant and smooth. Lightweight and perfectly balanced to deliver luminosity, it’s a brilliant answer to some of the tricky issues skin faces in the summer. SPF and air conditioning mean skin can feel a little overwhelmed or dull. It’s also fantastic on skin which just feels a little congested or ashy.

Glow-giving, lightweight fruit oils give dewy radiance.

Watermelon and passionfruit oils give goregous glow. Natural BHA salicylic acid gently exfoliates and smooths to reveal fresh new skin.  Avocado and peach oils nourish and condition for beautiful, supple softness. Neroli oil provides a fragrance uplift to enhance mood. 

When and how do you use it?

I’ve loved incorporating Super Glow Mask into my skincare routine.  I’ve also been using it weekly as part of my Sunday evening self-spa. 

Super Glow Mask is quick and easy to use. Simply smooth 3-4 pumps onto clean skin and leave to work for 5-10 minutes. Use the face cloth which comes with it  – hand-hot and wrung-out  – to bring steam to the mix and to accelerate the active ingredients. Then, wipe away in gentle, circular motions and follow with Votary Facial Oil.

I think you’ll love the way your skin looks and feels afterwards. Fresh-faced is so perfect at this time of the year.

Love, Arabella x

NEW Super Glow Mask. 3 simple steps to glowing skin.



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