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Votary at the new Harrods Beauty Hall

Votary at the new Harrods Beauty Hall

The definitive Harrods beauty experience has landed and Votary is at the heart of it!

The White Hall at Harrods is now open and you’ll find your favourite Votary products there.  Votary facials are still available at the Harrods Spa on the 5th floor but Votary products have now moved to the newly refurbished White Hall on the ground floor.  We’re delighted to be part of this world class, gorgeous skincare destination and we look forward to serving you there.

The press, beauty editors and beauty bloggers have been buzzing for months about the £200 million refurbishment of the Harrods Beauty Hall which is now one of the largest beauty destinations in the world. Home to an unrivalled edit of make-up and fragrance, the beautiful new 90,000 sq ft space has the feel of a stately home. There’s a grand staircase and an entrance hall complete with fireplace. However, in a nod to contemporary times, the iconic chandelier is digital.  The interior is an art deco love song to gold and marble, with eighteen different kinds of marble used in the fittings. One of the most fabulous of these comes in baby pink and lines the floor of the ‘Powder Room,’ an area devoted to boutique brands.



Annalise Fard, Director of Beauty says “There’s been so much change in the world of beauty in the last five years; more than there has been in the last 50. And yet honestly, I don’t think retail has changed that much. So I wanted to celebrate all the amazing brands, and all the amazing products, but do it in a way that was very immersive. I wanted to give you a reason to come into the store.” She has created plenty of reasons to do so.

The White Hall, which opens this month, is  a skincare emporium come to life, with all the luxe brands, an ‘icons wall’ with brand pop-ups, and a space dedicated to vegan, natural products  ‘Magic Mirrors’  allow you to digitally try a new make-up look in an instant. AI technology digitally maps facial features to generate a live image, matching skin tone and hair colour. Product  can be applied (lipstick, foundation, blush, mascara) without needing to physically test it. There are two masterclass spaces to bring experiences to life.  Annalise explains  “A huge live screen will connect customers to experts and bring it to the store and beyond. If you can’t get a space in the auditorium, you can watch from elsewhere in the store or via your device.” There will be high-profile personal appearances, plus expert panel discussions and tutorials on varying scales.

There will be a beauty concierge facility which will cover the footprint of the Beauty Halls, the Hair and Beauty Salon, and the Wellness Clinic.   Their role will be organise your time and put a programme together within beauty to suit your needs.”

The whole Beauty Hall is designed to be inclusive. Annalise says that “it doesn’t aim to speak to different age groups, but to everyone at once. It’s a celebration of diversity and individuality, and is for all ages, genders and backgrounds. I wanted to wow. I wanted everyone to feel excited about beauty. I wanted it to be a feast of must-see, must-try destinations. And, importantly, I wanted it to feel unmistakably Harrods. I didn’t want it to feel like any other department store anywhere in the world.”


She has certainly achieved that. It’s a gorgeous, extravagant, fabulous destination and it’s absolutely the next generation of beauty retailing.

I’m so thrilled that Votary are part of it.  Come and find us in the White Hall. You might never want to leave!

Love, Arabella x

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