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Gift skincare to the men you love

Spread the skincare love to the man or men in your life.

Men’s skin needs caring for too, and great skin isn’t seasonal – it’s the year-round gift that keeps on giving.

Whatever the occasion, Votary skin care is a great addition to any man’s bathroom shelf.  Pre-shave, post-shave, for the coldest of weather or the sunniest of days, Votary pure plant oil based skincare works brilliantly with the thicker, denser structure of men’s skin to deliver great-looking, comfortable, happy skin.

The men’s press agrees with us too. GQ picked our Super Seed Nutrient Cream as one of the best ever moisturisers for men’s skin. Porter gave our Super Seed Facial Oil ‘Best for Sensitive Skin’. Ask Men chose our Blemish Rescue Oil as ‘Best for Acne Prone Skin’.

We have male #Votarists in so many walks of life who are real fans of their easy, no-fuss Votary routines. They love the way their skin looks and feels.

So, if you’re wondering how to gift great-looking skin to the man or men in your life…

Make like:

Our favourite Olympic rower, Will Satch, and gift Super Seed Facial Oil for skin that is hydrated and soothed whatever the daily trials it faces.

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Our brilliant South Pole explorer, Justin, who trusts our Super Seed Nutrient Cream to keep his face wrapped up safe and warm from the cold.

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Our starry make artist, Chase Aston, who wouldn’t be without our Super Seed Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Body Oil or Natural Lip Oil.

And man-love for Votary wouldn’t be authentic if it didn’t start at home. Both my husband, and co-founder Charlotte’s husband,  love shaving with our Super Seed Cleansing Oil. Read here for more about why it delivers a beautiful shave.

Mother-hens that we confess to being, we’ve also gifted every teenage boy we know our Clarifying range. Our Blemish Rescue Oil is also a repeat-requested favourite.

When we started Votary our intention was that it would be for everyone. Whatever your age or gender, it can give you your best ever skin with no fuss or faff. We love it that so many more men are confident about seeking skincare solutions that are right for them. Here’s a comment from one of our lovely customers:

‘I am using your Super Seed  Nutrient Cream and I absolutely love it. Congratulations to you guys for creating such a wonderful product. I can safely say you have a customer for life.’  James

So, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or just because he is your favourite person on the planet, some Votary skincare will make the man or men in your life very happy.

Love, Arabella x

Read here for why men’s skin need moisturising too.

Read here for why men need to overcome their reticence about skincare.

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