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Q & A with MUA Ashley Kucich

When I first began formulating Votary, my background as a make-up artist made me very aware of how it needed  to work brilliantly as the perfect prep for cosmetics. That’s why I’m always so thrilled when I  learn that renowned MUAs consider Votary to be an essential part of their kit.

In the second of our series, here I am talking with with MUA Ashley Kucich about why and how she uses Votary.

Ashley, first of all can you share your starry bio with Votarists?

I’m a make-up artist and hair stylist based in Los Angeles. I have over a decade of experience in the beauty & entertainment industry. With an extensive portfolio spanning celebrity, music, music tours, fitness, editorial, fashion shows, commercial and on camera work, I’m a go-to artist for all things beauty.  Clients choose me because of my effortless beauty aesthetic, my excellent work ethic and I’m always upbeat. My aim is always to help people look and feel their best, so they can be the most confident version of themselves.


Ashley Kucich Q & A

Can you tell us about your favourite collaborations?

For the products I use: I love to use lines that are created by make-up or skin care professionals, which is why Votary appealed to me initially. MUA founders have such a deep knowledge of what really works on camera and also day to day and because of that they make the best products.

For clients: I’ve crafted my career to work with women whose vision and message I can truly align with. Whether that’s artists, fitness personalities or business professionals, the most guiding tool I’ve used is that I have to believe in who they are and what they do for the world, then it makes work effortless. I love being there and aiding them to be the best version of themselves both inside and out.


Ashley Kucich Q & A

What are you known for in the industry?

My style tends to be effortlessly beautiful. The women I work with still look like themselves, just an enhanced version. My favourite compliment, and when I know I’ve done a good job, is when a client looks in the mirror and is smiling and tells me “I love it, I feel like myself”. That’s the win for me!

Ashley Kucich Q & A

What Votary is in your kit, and what’s your go-to Votary product?

I always carry the Hydrating Body Oil, Super Seed Facial Oil, Super Seed Cleansing Oil and Blemish Rescue Oil.

The effortlessly beautiful looks you create rely on perfectly cleansed skin. How do you achieve that?

The Super Seed Cleansing Oil is my go-to for perfectly cleansed skin! I love to massage it into my clients’ skin and give them a few moments of extra pampering at the end of the day, then have them wash it off with a face cloth. They feel like a glowing penny with clean hydrated skin!

Why do you think oil preps  skin better than cream?

While I don’t understand the science behind it, I think oils are absorbed better into the skin. With creams there’s usually a film on the top of the skin and it can cause the foundation to ball up. Oils soak all the way into the skin and there’s just hydrated beautiful skin to work with! It’s wonderful!

Can you talk us through your skin prep process?

I usually put some under eye brightening patches on my clients, then I work Super Seed Facial Oil into the skin and give them a little face massage, then put a little lip moisturiser on them. Then, I move on to the eye make-up and brows. I do this because it’s so important to allow the oils time to be fully absorbed into the skin before putting on a foundation.

And finally,  as an internationally renowned MUA who has worked on some of the most beautiful faces in the world, can you share three make up tips with Votarists?


1. Prep the skin, then do your eyes and brows, then do foundation.

2. ALWAYS take off your make-up at the end of the day!

3. Start with less product and build up to more if you need it. A great make-up is all about the right amount of product placed well…make sure to take a step back in the mirror and see yourself further back before adding more make-up.

Thank you Ashley. It makes me incredibly proud that you use Votary on your role-model faces, and thank you for sharing your expertise with us.
Love, Arabella x
To learn more about Ashley’s work, read here. 
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