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Laundry talks Super Seed Nutrient Cream.

Laundry talks Super Seed Nutrient Cream.

We love to Talk Skin. As a small, independent British brand, Votary can stay really close to what our customers and bloggers think, feel and want. We love it when they Talk Skin and write about us.

And, every now and then a blog comes along which stops us in our tracks, because it says everything I hoped for when I developed a product, and because I know how important feeling comfortable about, and in, your own skin is. It’s fantastic to know that a Votary product has made someone very happy.

So – here’s a new feature for The Votarist – Talk Skin guest blogs. It’s hopefully the first in a series of brilliant blogs written by lovely Votarists.

Our first Talk Skin guest writer is Sophie L’Nech, who wrote this piece for the fabulous Laundry magazine. (Thank you, Laundry, for permission to share). In it, she writes about her perfect moisturiser, Super Seed Nutrient Cream and how it saved her winter skin. It’s honest, articulate, and perfect for anyone who is battling with dry or dehydrated skin this winter. Over to Sophie and Laundry, and thank you for such a lovely piece.

Moisturisers are probably one of the more simple steps to your skincare routine. Cleansers are important but you don’t need to spend a fortune, serums are the product that we know to invest most time and money into and then exfoliators and masks are really down to personal choice depending on your needs and budget (and are only used once or twice a week). Moisturisers are the final step to add comfort, nourishment and extra hydration. Again, you don’t need to spend a fortune in this department but by all means knock yourself out if you want to indulge and find that the more expensive ones are most beneficial to you. If you find one that is on the cheaper end of the scale and works for you, you’re onto a winner.

My beauty journey with moisturisers has been (and to a certain extent still is) quite painful. I have no idea why because as I just said, this step should be relatively straight forward. I have an array of fabulous cleansers that I love, I have at least three on the go at any one time. Then I have my favourite serums/treatments that I stick with and work wonders for me (admittedly these are more on the expensive side). But when it comes to moisturisers I have tried so many and got it wrong so many times, it’s quite literally breaking my heart (in the beauty sense that is!). I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t found a moisturiser that works because I actually have two that I am happy with, there are just a few things about them that are annoying more than anything. Which is why I guess I am always on the lookout for a new one that will answer all my prayers.

In steps Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream. This is a beautiful moisturiser. I have normal skin which is permanently dehydrated and suffers from mild sensitivity (with an obvious aversion to an ingredient I haven’t yet figured out due to the amount of creams I have unsuccessfully tried). In the winter, this dehydration gets worse, coupled with increased sensitivity as a result of dry central heating and cold winter chills. My skin is like a baby crying out to me for soothing and comfort. So, at this time of year, my face is more red and sore (not excessively but enough to need specific attention). I always step up my skincare with a hydration booster in winter and I either need to add an oil prior to moisturiser (Votary by the way have fabulous oils) or I need to step it up a notch and change my moisturiser, something that scares the hell out of me (as a side note, moisturisers that don’t work on my face will get used on my neck with no issues – I currently have a queue of neck creams in my bathroom cabinet!).

Talk skin - Super Seed Nutrient Cream

The first time I used this cream I thought I would have issues with it because it is quite rich, something that I need but something that more often than not causes breakouts. I am pleased to report that I do not suffer from breakouts with this cream. Within five minutes of applying this cream to my face, I could actually see the redness and sensitivity settle, leaving my face even toned and looking plump and dewy. It doesn’t leave your skin glowing as such as it is designed to leave a matte finish but you will notice a smooth and plumped up effect, an absolutely perfect base for makeup. I find this cream keeps my skin looking as good by the end of the day as it did when I left the house. Makeup stays put and maintains a fresh glow all day. I know I am using the word glow when the cream is described as a matte finish, which is a good thing. You don’t want to look shiny or greasy, you want your moisturiser to do its job so that your makeup sits perfectly over it. It reminds a bit of the whole K-beauty ethos, get your skincare sorted and your makeup will only serve to enhance its beauty.

Another way to describe how fabulous this moisturiser is – when I am at home all day and not wearing makeup, I’ll often check out my skin in the mirror and despair of its redness and uneven aggravated tone (central heating has many negatives). When I use this cream (every morning) I don’t even consider that I need a tinted moisturiser or foundation (in case a quick run to the shop is needed). My skin looks perfectly balanced with no irritation or uneven tones.

In case you’re not aware of Votary, it is a UK brand created by British makeup artist Arabella Preston. Their products are made from natural ingredients, so no mineral oils, petro-chemicals and unnecessary preservatives, only the best of natural plant oils. They are suitable for all skin types and the brand is sustainable, using recyclable packaging and they never test on animals or use animal ingredients.

The majority of their products are oils, with Super Seed Nutrient Cream being the first cream based product. The product description from Votary is:

“Its calming formula is fragrance free, natural and boosted with 22 richly nourishing super seed oils. It helps to create a layered barrier between your face and the world, protecting against cold or dry air and restoring comfort to your complexion. Deeply moisturising, protective and fabulous for skin recovery, Super Seed Nutrient Cream’s unique formula leaves your skin matte, smooth and ready to face the elements.”

I can genuinely say that every single word of this statement is true – I don’t write moisturiser reviews like this very often, so for me this is a winner.

Thank you, Sophie and Laundry for our first Talk Skin guest blog!

Love, Arabella x

Read more from Laundry here.

Read more about why Super Seed Nutrient Cream is so good for dry, dehydrated, hormonal, and sensitive skin here and here.

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