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Kathleen Hou, The Cut

It’s always a thrill to see to see our customers discovering the transformative effects of Votary Oil cleanse routine. When a highly experienced beauty editor has the same experience, we want to shout it from the roof tops…

“As a beauty editor, I’m constantly learning about the things I’m doing wrong. I used to only wash my face once. That was wrong. I used to skip washing my face in the morning. A facialist told me recently that was wrong. I used to avoid oil cleaners. My skin alerted me that was wrong with a series of tiny zits. Most recently, I’ve been using my hands, Pat McGrath’s favorite makeup tool, to wash my face, but according to Arabella Preston, Kate Middleton’s makeup artist and a former beauty editor herself, that’s wrong too — or at least not advisable.

“It’s all about the flannel,” she explained — not the grunge staple, but what Brits call a terry or face washcloth.

“It’s not really an American thing,” I replied, trying to tactfully convey that I associate face towels with bacteria and gross little brothers. I’ve used muslin clothes, thanks to the Eve Lom cleanser, but not a washcloth.

“Oh, but it’s quite necessary,” she assured me.

According to Preston, a flannel is an essential part to making sure you wash your face cleanly. More gentle than any motorized cleanser brush, the right flannel will allow you to cleanly wipe makeup and dirt from your skin and gently exfoliate. Preston is the the woman who taught Middleton how to do her own wedding makeup, and the co-founder of Votary, a luxury natural skin-care line. Who am I to doubt her?

It’s now been about two weeks and I’m more pro-flannel than Portland. My skin looks clearer and better than ever (people have even commented). Normally, despite doing a double-cleanse, I’d still, inexplicably and occasionally, still find traces of beige makeup when I swiped a toner pad over my face. No more!”

Kathleen Hou, Beauty Editor

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