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Gift Peaceful Sleep this Christmas with Votary

Peaceful sleep is the most precious gift of all. It’s energising, revitalising, calming and soothing all in one. If I could wrap it and put a ribbon around it, it would be everyone’s favourite gift.

The next best thing are gifts which are beautifully soporific for a gorgeous night’s sleep.

Votary’s Intense Night range has three special products which are designed to induce tranquillity and calm, and to help peaceful sleep.  I will be giving them to loved ones this year to help them counter-balance busy days. It’s absolutely as close as I can get to wrapping peaceful sleep for them.

The first in Votary’s trio of sleep-inducing heroes is our chic, glossy Lavender and Chamomile Soy Wax Candle. I am addicted to its beautiful fragrance! I love preparing my space for sleep as I relax and wind down, and the Votary candle is a keynote in my sleep hygiene routine. Whether  I am in the bath or pottering in my bedroom,  I adore letting our pure, calming, bespoke botanical fragrance drift around me. Steeped with lavender, chamomile and rose, it’s the perfect pre-sleep soother. My bedroom feels calmer and more tranquil as the candle cleanly and softly burns.

Calm your space this Christmas for peaceful sleep

The next in the trio is Antidote Bath and Body Oil. It’s designed for use in the bath, the shower, or for being directly applied to skin, so it fits with whatever the time and mood before bed.  I sleep so much more deeply and peacefully if I take a long, fragrant bath before bedtime. I add this oil to the water, and massage more into my skin before going to bed. Passionflower, calendula and sweet almond moisturise and add smoothness while lavender, rose and chamomile help me to de-stress and calm. My skin feels gleaming and lustrous, and my body feels relaxed and cosy.

Perfect for relaxing in the bath or shower before a peaceful night's sleep

The final keynote is the Votary Pillow Spray which I mist onto my pillow before getting into bed. The aromatherapy oils in our Pillow Spray bring peace to my bedroom. Lavender, chamomile and rose oils capture the fragrance of a country garden at dusk. The aromatherapy fragrances are soothing and calming.  I feel as if my senses have been beautifully massaged as I drift off to sleep.

Spray tranquillity, calm and peace with Votary Pillow Spray

The more deeply I sleep, the better I look and feel, which is why I will be sharing our sleep sanctuary gifts this Christmas with the people I love.

Wishing you the beauty sleep of your dreams and peaceful nights.

Love Arabella x

To read more about  our sleep-inducing Intense Night range, read here and here.

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