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How to get the best night’s sleep

How to get the best night’s sleep

Peaceful sleep is essential for our emotional and physical wellbeing. I feel so much better, and so energised, if I’ve had a really peaceful, deep sleep. The power of aromatherapy in helping us to sleep is well proven.  Creating a calm space in your bedroom is crucial to a great night’s sleep.

It’s why the Votary Intense Night Recovery range contains formulas which are naturally fragranced to help give you the very best night’s sleep. Made with ingredients which are proven to have a calming effect, they help you to unwind and to drift peacefully away.

My sleep hygiene routine

I have a much-loved sleep hygiene routine in my nightly preparation for bed. It helps give me my best possible sleep and my very best glow.

I begin my routine by lighting one of our Lavender and Chamomile soy wax candles. They’re a brilliant way to bring tranquillity to your bedroom. The comforting and calming aroma is a beautiful, natural sleep aid.

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Then, I run a lovely warm bath. I add our fragrant Antidote Bath and Body Oil to the water. It works in two ways. The fragrance calms and soothes, and the natural pure plant oils hydrate my skin for smooth, glossy comfort. While I am in the bath, I try to breathe mindfully and to re-set my thoughts. I let go of all the juggling the day has contained.

When I get out of the bath – and especially in the winter months – I use some more Antidote on areas of skin which can get easily neglected when they’re in socks and boots and layers of clothing all day. My heels, elbows, knees, and shins drink in all the neat, deep hydration and feel glossily soft and smooth. The additional fragrance is gorgeous too. I take some more time to breathe calmly as I massage it in with light, upward strokes.

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My next step is to spritz my bed linen with our award winning, bespoke Pillow Spray. (I NEVER travel without this). It helps to cocoon my bed in its calming, soporific fragrance, and is brilliant at helping me drift peacefully to sleep.

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If the day has been really busy,  I can now add Drift, one of our aromatherapy vials from our Feelings collection. Our sense of smell is deeply interwoven with our memories and our emotions. That’s why linking the right smell with the right emotion can have a transformative effect. Drift is the final, beautiful keynote in my preparation for bed. Rose, lavender and chamomile soothe and calm. It makes me think of a garden at dusk, floral fragrance soft in the air. I rub gently onto my pulse points – wrists, temples, throat – and massage in gentle circular motions with my eyes closed and my breathing soft.

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Votary Intense Night range helps me to sleep beautifully and wake glowing. I couldn’t love all the formulas more.

Love, Arabella x

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