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All about fragrance

Free from fragrance allergens or scent-free? How are they different?

It can be a puzzling question, especially as free from fragrance allergens is the new, accurate way to say fragrance-free. Our fabulous new Super Seed Serum is free from fragrance allergens, as are our Super Seed Facial Oil and Super Seed Nutrient Cream. However, perhaps confusingly, when you smell the products you’ll notice they  have their own particular scents.  Light, wholesome and woody, they smell delicious. So how can we talk about them as free from fragrance allergens?

This is why.

When a product is described as fragranced, it means ingredients (whether natural or synthetic) have been added to it solely for the purpose of adding perfume. In some products in the Votary range, for example Rose Maroc Facial Oil, we use natural essential oils (in this case rose flower oil)  to give a soothing, aromatherapeutic uplift.

A product which is free from fragrance allergens – like the three in the Super Seed range – has no additional scent added to it. It smells only of the ingredients it contains.

Scent-free as a category is altogether different. Scent-free can mean that additional ingredients may have been used to mask or cancel out the original fragrance of the product’s ingredients. Scent-free sounds as if is is very pure and natural but in fact it can be quite the opposite.

Therefore, when you smell a product which is free from fragrance allergens, you can be confident that what you are smelling are just the ingredients it contains with nothing added to change those keynotes.

With Super Seed Serum, Super Seed Facial Oil and Super Seed Nutrient Cream I think it’s what pure goodness smells like.

Love, Arabella x

Read more about the difference between free from fragrance allergens  and scent-free here.

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