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How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?

We all know emotions are at the heart of our overall wellbeing. Nurturing how we feel emotionally is as important as physical wellness. Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep impair our ability to properly enjoy life.

Pure plant essential oils can help re-balance and re-connect mind and body. Our sense of smell is deeply interwoven with our memories and our emotions. Linking the right fragrance  with the right emotion can have a transformative effect.

The power of aromatherapy is well proven.  New Feelings from Votary are a trio of pure, natural aromatherapeutic oils to help you to check-in with your emotions. They are a gorgeous new way to breathe more mindfully.

Pure plant oils are at the heart of  everything we make, and Feelings extends this from skincare to self care. To be used when you need to de-stress,  to reconnect mind and body, or to get a great night’s sleep, simply roll onto your wrist or pulse points and inhale deeply. Allow the aromatherapy pure plant oil fragrance to soothingly uplift or calm you.

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There are three new ways to breathe yourself whole.

DESIRE is for mind body connection.  It’s perfect for when you have been overthinking, and for when mind and body feel dislocated. Beautifully warm, uplifting and bright, Desire is rich with wild rose, orange and almond blossom. Think of their fragrance drifting across an azure bay, and of hot summer days and balmy, sensual evenings. A gorgeous way to re-connect mind, body and soul,  a deep inhalation of Desire makes you feel re-tuned and harmonised.

DETACH calms, relaxes and  helps free your mind. It’s perfect for when the rhythm of the day overwhelms, and for when it’s hard to know what to prioritise next.  Detach is fresh, grassy, and vibrant. Geranium, rosemary and thyme release you to a place of peace and calm. Think of sitting beneath a cedar tree, the breeze infused with botanical fragrance. Bask in the fragrance of green herbs in warm earth, their perfume rising as they brush softly against the skin. Detach helps your mind to re-set and restore.  Allow yourself to be re-balanced and re-focused, and to be helped to take on everything the day contains.

DRIFT promotes sleep health.  Use as part of a nurturing sleep hygiene routine, when things get too much or any time anxiety clouds your mind. Think of a garden at dusk with notes of lavender, chamomile and roses soft in the air. A beautiful way to calm and quiet yourself, Drift is for when you need deeply restorative sleep or a momentary oasis of calm.  Inhale deeply.  Be calmed, soothed and gently unwound.

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Available to purchase as a trio or individually, Feelings are a gorgeously comforting and uplifting ally.

With all the juggling everyday life contains, I’d be lost without mine.

Love, Arabella x

Read more about aromatherapy here.
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