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Frances Phillips talks feeding skin

Votarists will be familiar with Frances Phillips. Nutritional therapist, skin care expert, and beautiful Votarist, she is a gorgeous example of curating both skincare and nourishment to achieve fabulously glowing, healthy skin.

In this Q & A,  she shares tips on eating with your skin in mind, having a healthy relationship with social media and why she’s passionate about natural, cruelty-free beauty. (She also confesses to her love of margaritas,  Soho Home bathrobes and reality TV which is quite the hat-trick…)

I hope you enjoy spending time with Frances, and if you haven’t watched her film, see it here:

Frances, what do you build into your day to ensure a feeling of wellness?

I don’t have any one set thing I do every day but I always make sure I have time to relax – that might be taking a bath, reading a book or doing some meditation or it could just be watching Netflix. Just something that helps me to switch off that isn’t connected to work.

Which foods do you try to incorporate into your diet for skin health?

I try to include plenty of antioxidants – so lots of berries and colourful fruits and vegetables. I also include lots of essential fatty acids by having avocados, nuts, seeds and oily fish.

Do you have any phone use or social media rules you try to follow?

I always turn my phone off at night, ideally an hour or so before bed. Also I try to be mindful that there’s always a choice when it comes to the content I look at.

How do you wind-down at the end of a long day to ensure a great night’s sleep?

I like taking baths in the evening. I use about 500g of either epsom or dead sea salts and some kind of therapeutic oil blend. I also adore pillow sprays and candles.

Talk us through your morning and evening beauty routines.

In the morning I cleanse my face once followed by a rose water toner and natural moisturiser with a few added drops of oil and an eye cream. I then apply SPF, concealer and bronzer if I’m
going out. In the evening I double cleanse then use a toner, serum, moisturiser and eye cream. I like using a face roller in the evening too!

Favourite Votary product and why?

I love the Super Seed Oil Cleanser and face cloth for taking off a full face of make-up…nothing beats it!

Why is using natural and cruelty-free skincare important to you?

Natural beauty is so important to me as I am as passionate about what goes into our skincare as I am about what we put into our bodies. I got into natural beauty products as a result of suffering with my own skin issues and they became the only products I wanted to use. It goes without saying that cruelty-free is important too – I’m an animal lover!

Describe your perfect weekend.

At the beach sipping on coconuts during the day and margaritas at night.

Some quick fire questions…

Bath or shower?  
Shower in the am, bath in the pm.

Couldn’t get through the day without? 
Coffee! I usually just have one a day in the morning but I need that one.

Favourite guilty pleasure?
Reality TV.

Favourite loungewear for a night in?
A Soho Home robe.

What’s always in your bag?
Hand moisturiser.

Best springtime walk?
Hampstead Heath.

Best beauty tip?
Focus on enhancing what you have. And less is always more.

Frances Phillips’ Life mantra?
Eventually everything connects.

I feel empowered by?
Running my own business.

Book I just read?
‘Everything I Know About Love’ by Dolly Alderton.

Favourite song?
‘Josephine’ by RITUAL

Favourite Instagrammer?

Favourite podcast?
‘Up and Vanished’ or anything crime related.

Favourite website?
My most visited are probably shopping websites (!!)

Blog of choice?
‘Fashion Me Now’ by Lucy Williams.

Most recent online buy?
Some summer sandals and a dress – wishful thinking…

Thank you Frances for sharing with us.

Love, Arabella x

Find out more about Frances Phillips here.

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