How to use a facial massage tool

I am often asked how to use our Rose Quartz Facial Tool. Over the last few weeks I have been making a little extra time to enjoy a daily facial massage using both my hands and Votary accessories.  A massage tool is a brilliant way of maximising the effectiveness of Votary skincare, as well as a soothing, mindful step in personal well-being.

gua sha

Designed to fit the contours of your face, the Votary facial massage tool can be used after applying your facial oil to stimulate deeper absorption and hydration.

Facial massage promotes lymphatic drainage, relaxes tension and regular use can help smooth, tone and brighten your skin. Massage helps improve to blood flow and stimulate collagen production. Using a facial massage tool allows you to work on your skin with a light or firm pressure, depending on how you’re feeling.  On hot summer days I keep my facial tool in the fridge for a beautifully cooling massage to reduce puffiness and infuse a little glow. 

Watch facialist Ellie Gill’s tutorial:

Facial massage with a facial tool:

Smooth a few drops of your favourite Votary facial oil onto your face and neck and lightly massage it in. 

Starting on your neck, pull down gently using an even, sweeping stroke in a downwards motion from under your ear to the top of your collar bone. Work your way along the front of your neck and through to the other side. Repeat this 3 times.

From the centre of your chin pull out towards you ear – I gently support the skin with my other hand on my chin. For a deeper massage use the v-shape of the tool to work along the jawline to help ease tension and stimulate blood flow. 

Moving on to your cheeks, press down from the side of your nose towards your ear. Repeat this a few times on each side. You can use the v-shape to work under your cheekbones here too.

Using the tip of the stone, place it underneath your eye and using sweeping motions very gently move outwards towards the temple. This area is delicate so be gentle.

Finish by working from the centre of the brows and move upwards towards the hairline,  slowly working out from here and repeating 3 times. 

Used after our Super Glow Mask and with your favourite Votary facial oil, your complexion is calmer, firmer and more evenly toned for a beautiful post-facial glow. 

Watch model Coral Kwayie use her Rose Quartz Facial Tool straight from the fridge to de-puff and help define her jaw line and cheekbones.

Love Arabella x



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