Roll your way to a post-spa face

Roll your way to a post-spa face

Facial massage is a brilliant way of  maximising the effectiveness of Votary skincare, as well as a soothing, mindful step in personal well-being.

Now there are two new perfect accessories for your Votary skincare routine.  Designed to fit the contours of your face, they can be used either solo as a massage tool  or, for best results, after applying your facial oil to stimulate deeper absorption and hydration.

Like our soft 100% cotton face cloth which helps to gently exfoliate skin without abrasion, Votary massage tools work mechanically to give you a post-spa, post-facial glow every day, as well as helping you unwind and feel relaxed.

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The chic rose gold coloured roller  has two smooth rose quartz stones, sized to be used on different areas of your face. It’s brilliantly simple to use and really effective for facial massage. The roller action reduces puffiness, smooths, brightens and lifts. It encourages lymphatic drainage for a firmer, calmer complexion. Tension and fine lines are gently rolled away, and your whole face feels refreshed and rested.

This is my favourite facial massage routine:

Begin at your chin with the larger stone. Roll upwards and outwards along the jawline to the ear. Repeat on each side of the face.

Again with the larger stone, start at the side of the nose and sweep along the cheekbones to the temple. Repeat on each side of the face.

Place the larger stone above each eyebrow and repeatedly roll outwards to your temple, focusing on any fine lines and smoothing them away.

Switch to the smaller stone, close your eyes  and gently roll within the eye socket above and below each eye.

Then, place the smaller stone at the bridge of your nose and repeatedly roll upwards between your eyebrows.

Again with the small stone, place at the corner of your mouth and roll in a diagonal line towards your nose. Repeat on each side.

Finish with the larger stone with  light sweeping movements along your jawline.

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I also love our new heart shaped massage tool. Designed to work to work deep within your facial tissue to stimulate, smooth and soothe, it works more effectively than your fingertips for a lasting effect. Skin is brightened, smoothed and lifted. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated and puffiness is reduced. Your complexion is calmer, firmer and more evenly toned for a beautiful post-facial glow.

This is how I use it:

Hold between your thumb and fingertips.

Begin at your chin, and work upwards to the ears. Work into the jawline to reduce accumulated tension. Focus on any areas of tightness and work gently into tissue. 

Next, place either side of your nose and work along your cheekbones to your temples. Breathe deeply as you do so.

Then, place at the bridge of your nose and press above each eyebrow along your forehead to the temple. Smooth into your  hairline to soothe away tension.

Place at the corners of your mouth, relax your lips  and gently lift upwards towards your ears.

Place at your throat and with light, sweeping movements press upwards to your chin.

Finish by holding beneath each eye to compose and refresh.

For a beautifully cooling sensation and brilliant under-eye effectiveness, chill before use – I keep mine in the fridge. After use, do not wash or immerse in water. Simply wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

Votary facial massage tools are perfect for all skin types. For mature skin they encourage hydration to be more deeply absorbed. For blemished skin they stimulate blood circulation and lymph drainage so help with minimising scarring and reducing inflammation. For sensitive skin they calm and soothe, and develop the resilience of the skin’s mantle. Whatever your skin type, they are also a lovely way to give your self some self-care, a moment of peace, and a beautiful healthy glow.

Happy rolling,

Love, Arabella x

Read more about the benefits of rollers here.




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