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Embrace The Oils This Festive Season

Embrace the oils this festive season…

Christmas is two weeks away, and this time of year can bring as much stress, frantic planning and preparation as it does fun, joy, and family time. Anyone else waking early with a revolving to-do list in your mind? If so, it’s time to embrace the oils.

In the holiday season, it’s even more important to safeguard  a little self-care time, and to take care of your skin so that you look dewy and radiant even if you are up until midnight making mince pies. (My tip would be to buy them…)

However well organised or disorganised you are, I can’t recommend more highly that you embrace the oils. Votary pure plant facial oils are the perfect way to keep your skin both looking beautiful all through the holiday season and feeling comfortable and radiant on a frosty Boxing Day walk.  They’re also the perfect base for make-up, so your New Year’s Eve party face will be gorgeous.

Embrace the oils

Cleansing with Votary cleansing oils means your skin is  properly cleaned, gently exfoliated (thanks to the Votary soft, fluffy face cloth) and left feeling soft and supple rather than dry and tight. Hydrating with Votary facial oils means your skin is fed with pure, natural goodness, and with all the power of super-hero seed oils like raspberry, flax, and broccoli.

Each facial oil is a powerhouse of good ingredients which work to nourish and protect your skin. Natural plant oils are able to penetrate the skin’s mantle more deeply, hydrate it more effectively, and keep it looking plumped up and gorgeous all day long. And, if you have an un-seasonal breakout, our  Blemish Rescue Oil is on hand to calm, soothe and speedily heal it.

The Votary ritual is also the perfect sanctuary at the beginning and end of the day to give you a moment to breathe, gather and be soothed (read here for our oil cleansing masterclass). As you place the wrung-out face cloth onto your face, it’s a moment of peace infused with gorgeously calming aromatherapy fragrances and the comfort of  warmth and softness. Afterwards, your skin feels clean, soft and supple, and your sense of well-being and calm is restored. And, when you apply your Votary facial oil, whether you have one minute or five,  you can enjoy gently massaging it in to your skin (read here for our facial massage masterclass) and allow the relaxing, tactile benefits of massage to wash over and nurture you.

And, if you’d like an extra shot of peacefulness, you can turn to our beautiful soy wax Lavender and Chamomile candle which burns cleanly and softly and and brings elegance and  tranquillity to your space.  Or, why not try our Antidote Night Oil which can be used in the bath, the shower, or directly onto your limbs. The aromatherapy fragrance soothes, calms, and de-stresses while the rich, potent blend of passionflower, calendula and sweet almond oil deeply moisturises and add lustrous smoothness to your limbs. As a final touch, our much-loved and much-lauded Pillow Spray can be spritzed onto your pillow to help you drift into a deep and peaceful sleep.

By the early days of the New Year, you might want to reach for our Super Seed Nutritional Supplement which is crammed with the goodness of ten select virgin cold-pressed seed oils, including flaxseed, borage and chia and is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids to support beautiful skin, glossy hair and strong nails.  It’s the perfect January tonic.

Most of all, it’s important to remember that this time of year is meant to be enjoyable. I wish you the skin you’ve dreamed of, the happiest of festive seasons, and fun and tranquillity in whatever balance best suits you. My top tip is embrace the oils…

Love, Arabella x

Read here and here for why oils are so good for your skin.

Read here for why you should embrace the oils.

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