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Clever little bottles

Clever little bottles

At Votary we put love and care into everything we make and do. Our facial oil bottles are no exception. Using them’s so easy. There’s no need to shake them, tap them, or bash them with the palm of your other hand.  Instead, the bottles contain a clever little dispenser, which measures out the pure, potent plant oils in perfect drops. Three or four is usually plenty. All you have to do is invert the bottle above your palm and let it happen for you.

Green, gorgeous and full of goodness

Our clever little bottles aren’t just easy to use. The emerald green of the glass works like a natural preservative, so all the potent ingredients in the oils are preserved without the need for additives.  And, the dropper cap is brilliant for travel as it seals properly with no leaks or spills. That makes them triply clever…

And breathe…

Using our gorgeous facial oils can be a calming, peaceful moment in your day. Even if you can only take two minutes, massaging them into your skin is a moment of mindfulness, a pause to take a breath, and an opportunity to add some extra dewy radiance to your skin. The way the bottle works is the beginning of that moment of self-care peace. Simply invert it, hold it still, and let the precious drops fall into your palm.

Watch our clever little bottles here…


I hope that helps if you’ve been a little puzzled. Let our clever little bottles give your skin what it needs.

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And then, select which one of these will give you gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin.

Love, Arabella x

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