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Clear Your Skin

We firmly believe the way to clear your skin starts with clean skin. Votary Clarifying Cleansing Oil removes every trace of make-up, spf and pollution without stripping your skin. Your skin will be left soft and smooth, never dry and tight. Each cleansing oil comes with a 100% cotton face cloth which gently exfoliates while revealing that famous Votary glow!

Clear your skin and reveal the Votary glow

Treat your skin

After cleansing, treat your skin with Blemish Rescue Oil.  Healing, natural antiseptic tamanu oil and natural BHA salicylic acid gently unclog pores without drying out your skin’s delicate microbiome. Respecting your skin’s microbiome helps it heal faster and scarring is minimised. Watch skincare expert Caroline Hirons and Votary co-founder Arabella Preston talk about why you shouldn’t dry out your blemishes.

Smooth your skin

Votary believe pure plant oils can transform your skin. Votary’s Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil gives your skin an instant, dewy glow. It cleverly hydrates dry patches while not overloading oily ones. If your skin is oily, try Jasmine and Calendula or Clarifying Facial Oils. A facial oil is perfect during the summer months. Facial oils can be lightweight and give an instant glow to your skin!

Glow giving facial oil

Super Boost Night Drops work to reboot your skin’s overnight recovery. Reach for this if your skin is reacting and feeling fragile. Soothing flax oil, and collagen boosting golden kelp work alongside strawberry seed oil, nourishing avocado and hemp oils to restore youthful glow. Because your skin’s barrier function is improved, you can wake to calm and comforted skin.

Reveal your glow

Super Glow Mask is a lightweight second cleanse or treatment. Natural BHA salicylic acid gently exfoliates while watermelon and passionfruit oils give dewy radiance. If your skin is feeling a little ashy or congested, Super Glow Mask will help reveal your best and brightest skin!

Taking time out to reset and re-balance is essential to gorgeous, glowing skin. A few deep breaths throughout the day help to reset your mind and calm the nervous system. Votary’s aromatherapy blends are a simple way to restore balance.

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