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Clear your blemished skin

Clear your blemished skin by putting more oil on it? It may sound crazy but stay with me…

Breakouts are an obvious sign that your skin is stressed out and unhappy.  Spots, blocked pores and blackheads are all indications that skin is congested and overwhelmed.

The causes may be hormonal, emotional, nutritional or environmental, but whatever they are, your skin will benefit from being treated gently and cared for with pure plant facial oils.

I get so frustrated by so much of the advice for blemish-prone skin which recommends harsh, abrasive products containing peroxide or synthetic ingredients that dehydrate the skin and stress it even further.  Adding oil to already oily skin might seem contradictory, but it actually works brilliantly to calm, soothe, soften and heal. It’s all about coaxing skin back to healthy resilience.

Let me explain how.  Votary pure plant oils work with the skin, not against it. They nourish rather than punish your face. They help to balance out sebum levels without dehydrating your skin or triggering it into overdrive.

Natural plant oils, unlike pore-clogging mineral oils, have a biological affinity with the skin. They work to preserve the skin’s barrier and help to balance out sebum levels. They encourage the skin to produce only the amount of oil that it needs, rather than causing a ramping-up of sebum production as a defensive action against desiccating, aggressive products.

The right blend of plant oils promotes healing by gently delivering a combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins and appropriate hydration to your skin.

Cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser means you can clean your face really properly, removing surface grime and dead skin cells, which gives you the first crucial step towards healthy, happy skin. Over time, production of sebum will self-correct, tone will be restored, and your skin will feel softer and smoother.

Massaging Votary pure plant oils into your face also boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, speeds up healing and gives you the gorgeous Votary glow. It’s a total win-win.

Here are our three simple steps to blemish-free skin….

Clear your blemished skin with Votary

1. Clarifying Cleanse

An oil cleansing routine keeps your skin thoroughly clean and balanced without  making it dry and tight. Rice bran oil is light weight and non-clogging. Oat oil soothes. Rosemary and bergamot cleanse and purify. Take three to four pumps of Votary Clarifying Cleansing Oil, and massage gently into your skin, using light, circular motions to work into your pores. Add a little water if you like. Wet your face cloth, wring it out, and layer it to your face, allowing the warmth to be absorbed by your skin. Then, working deftly, smooth away every trace of makeup, grime, and environmental toxins. This  also gently exfoliates, which means dull, dead skin doesn’t block up pores and cause blemishes in the future. Double cleanse any areas of chronic breakout, particularly if you’ve worn heavy makeup or a thick SPF. Finish by splashing your face with cool water and patting dry with a clean, fresh towel. (For scrupulous hygiene, use the face cloth only once, and wash it at 60 degrees to guarantee it’s perfectly clean for next time.)

Clear your blemished skin with Votary

2. Heal with Blemish Rescue Oil

Blemishes disappear so much faster if you don’t dry them out.  Votary Blemish Rescue Oil contains salicylic acid from the wintergreen plant, and tamunu oil. The salicylic acid deals with dead, flaky skin, and the tamanu calms and soothes.  Redness and inflammation is calmed. Healing speeds up, and scarring and marking is minimised. Your skin stays soft rather than becoming scaly or peeling (which, by the way, makes it so much easier to cover spots up with make-up).  Simply dot a drop onto a blemish and massage gently. Use 3-4 times a day until the blemish goes away (yes, you can dab it on during the day even if you are wearing make-up).

Clear your blemished skin with Votary

3. Hydrate with Clarifying Facial Oil
All skin needs moisture, and oily, over-active skin needs light, easily-absorbed hydration which will help to soothe, balance and protect. Votary Clary Sage and Peach Facial Oil contains rice bran and oat extract to neutralise redness and irritation, and rosemary, clary sage and bergamot oils to keep everything really clean. Peach kernel oil adds hydration without blocking pores, and doesn’t overload the skin. It balances beautifully with the natural astringency of Clary Sage oil to give break-out prone skin the  hydration it needs to be balanced, calm and healthy. After cleansing, massage in three to four drops for plumped-up, clear, hydrated skin which is matte, smooth, comfortable, and calm.

Putting oil on troubled skin can be really transformational. We have so many customers whose skin has been entirely re-set by switching to plant oil based skincare. Please give it a go if your skin is troubled or blemish prone. You have only your spots to lose…

Love, Arabella x

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