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Caroline Hirons Reviews Super Seed

Caroline Hirons X Space NK Beauty Box

It sold out in hours! As many of you will know, skincare expert Caroline Hirons collaborated with Space NK recently. She hand-picked her eight favourite products to create the ultimate at-home skincare routine. Worth over £400, the box featured hero products from some of Space NK’s favourite brands, one of which was Votary Super Seed Facial Oil.

In Caroline Hiron’s own words…

“Curating my own skincare collection from the vast array of brilliant products available at Space NK was my dream. Chosen with the science behind the brands and the absolute joy of using each product in mind, I hope you will love them as much as I do.”

I’m so thrilled that Caroline Hirons chose our Super Seed Facial Oil as one of the eight products included in her best selling Beauty Box.  Here’s what she has to say about Super Seed Facial Oil, and why she picked it:

Why you might need Super Seed Facial Oil…

  • ‘It’s an SOS product, perfect for if your skin is annoyed or angry at you.’
  • ‘It’s brilliant if you’ve gone too hard with other products, or if your skin is acneic.’
  • ‘It’s for when your skin needs a boost.’

How you use it…

  • ‘I would put this into any routine – a couple of drops am and pm.’
  • ‘Add it to your moisturiser or use it on its own – it plays well with others.  You can even use it under the eye if you’re dry.’
  • ‘It’s really, really lush and soft.’

What it will do…

  • ‘It’s a really, really, lovely nourishing, soothing, calming product.’
  • ‘The oils in this really calm your skin down. A couple of drops keep everything nourished and plump.’
  • ‘If your skin barrier is compromised…it’s designed to nourish and build.’
  • ‘If your face feels like it’s going to fall off  this will definitely ease the dryness and flakiness.’
  • ‘Two drops and your skin will be transformed.’

Thank you, Caroline. I’ve talked a lot recently about how our Super Seed range – and all our pure plant facial oils – work brilliantly with the skin barrier because they are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply. I’m so delighted you love our Super Seed Facial Oil, and that your brilliant Beauty Box has introduced it to so many new users. I look forward to your next venture.

Love, Arabella x

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