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For your very best beauty sleep

For your very best beauty sleep

A great night’s sleep is written all over our faces. The idea of best beauty sleep isn’t a myth. If we sleep deeply and peacefully, skin repairs and re-sets itself. Collagen is boosted, fine lines are minimised, and under-eye shadows are diminished.  And, what we put on our skin before bed is crucial to maximising that opportunity.

That’s why I created Votary’s Intense Night Recovery range. It works brilliantly while you sleep and you wake to your best possible skin.

The Intense Night Recovery range has two award-winning, cult formulas.

When skin ages, it loses elasticity and plumpness. Collagen diminishes, fine lines begin to show, and dehydration becomes more of a problem. Votary Intense Night Oil is made from luxurious natural plant oils blended with a unique oil-soluble form of retinoid. It works to improve texture and tone and gives you hydrated, dewy, plumper-looking skin. It encourages the skin’s natural turnover of cells and reduces the breakdown of collagen. Importantly, the retinoid it contains is gentler than most retinoid-based products, which means it doesn’t cause some of the problems associated with retinoid use. Skin doesn’t become red, dry or flaky but instead is coaxed into rejuvenation.

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Intense Night Oil is packed full of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Avocado oil calms and soothes. Tomato seed oil helps with pigmentation and balances the skin’s mantle. Rosehip oil smooths the complexion and evens-out skin tone. It can even help to reduce scars and fine lines by encouraging cellular regeneration and refining the skin’s texture. Intense Night Oil lifts, smooths, plumps and firms. Skin is brighter, more evenly toned and beautifully refreshed.

Intense Eye Oil  is our first specialist eye product. The skin around our eyes is sensitive and delicate.  It’s the first place to show when we are tired, with dark shadows or puffiness. It’s also the first place to show signs of ageing, with fine lines and a loss of firmness. Intense Eye Oil addresses all these issues and is comfortable and soothing to use.

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Made from a powerful blend of natural plant extracts and oils, it’s boosted with the same gentle oil-soluble retinoid as our Intense Night Oil. It’s brilliant at rejuvenating the eye area while you sleep. It addresses fine lines, loss of firmness, and dark shadows. The whole eye area is lifted, smoothed and brightened. It’s also packed full of wonderful, naturally active ingredients. Tuberose extract firms and brighten, sweet iris encourages cell renewal, and acmella gently tightens and lifts.

Both our Intense Night Oil and Intense Eye Oil will help give you the skin of your dreams. And, if you need any help getting supremely restorative sleep, roll our Drift aromatherapy oil onto your pulse points as you get into bed. Massage gently in circular movements. Soft with the notes of lavender, chamomile and English roses, it calms and soothes you before sleep.

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Wake rested, glowing, and with beautifully refreshed skin.

Love, Arabella x

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