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Where it all began – our original cleansing oil

Where it all began – our original cleansing oil

Votary started from the belief that good skin begins with properly clean skin. Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil is where it all began. It was the first Votary oil that I blended at my kitchen table to my own bespoke formula. I wanted a cleanser that cleaned my face properly, removed every trace of make-up, and left it feeling smooth, soft and plumped-up rather than taut and tight. Since then, I have developed many much-loved much-lauded Votary products, but happily the original cleanser remains one of our best-loved best-sellers.

Votary original cult cleansing oil for properly clean skin

I could shout from the rooftops about why oil cleansing is so much healthier for your skin. Pure plant oils are bio-compatible with the skin’s mantle which means that they can fit between dry skin cells and make the skin feel smooth and soft. Oil-based cleansers are also so much kinder to the skin than water-based ones. Water, and especially soap, can cause damage by washing out the skin’s natural humectant agents, changing the skin’s pH value and causing irritation and chafing. The foaming agents in water-based cleansers cannot distinguish between unwanted dirt and the skin’s naturally moisturising inter-cellular lipids.

Happily, oil cleansers work in totally different way, which means your skin is cleaned properly and kindly, and left with a lovely dewy glow. They form a protective barrier to the skin’s mantle, leaving it plumped up and soft rather than tight and taut. They work to dissolve and lift grime without drying your skin out and re-balance greasy skin, because they don’t aggravate it into more excessive sebum production. They are totally natural so your skin doesn’t get saturated with synthetic ingredients and are brilliant at removing every trace of make up – including mascara – so your face feels totally clean at the end of each day.

Votary original cult cleansing oil for properly clean skin

Votary Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil is a luxurious oil cleanser, made with beautifully pure and potent plant oils. Nourishing apricot and jojoba whisk away dirt and environmental toxins. Grapeseed and sunflower oil soften and soothe. Chamomile flower oil and rose geranium flower oil provide an aromatherapeutic lift. All of the ingredients are activated by the Votary ritual which is the absolutely crucial part of our routine, and this is why.  Massaging the oil cleanser into your skin is as calming as it is beneficial. Lymphatic drainage is encouraged, surface tension is soothed, and make-up melts away. Applying the wrung-out, hand-hot Votary flannel  to your face is where the magic begins. The steam activates the cleanser’s ingredients, and  as the skin is gently warmed, the pores dilate to release sebum and grime. It also means there’s a greater surface area for absorption, which helps the cleanser to penetrate more effectively. Ingredients move through skin and interact with cells more quickly when the skin is warmed. Finally, the mechanical action of wiping off the cleanser with the soft, fluffy Votary face cloth gently exfoliates dull, dead skin for a fresh, glowing tone.

Votary original cult cleansing oil for properly clean skin

I’m really proud of our original cult cleansing oil. and of all the Votary products that have come after it. It’s where my passion for plant oil based luxurious skincare began. If you’ve never used an oil cleanser before, I really want to persuade you to try it. The feel of your face afterwards has to be experienced to be believed. The suppleness and comfort of your skin afterwards is such a contrast to water-based cleansers. It primes your face perfectly for serum or moisturiser, and provides a flawless base for make-up. Whatever your age, you can have healthy, comfortable, glowing skin. In the three years since Votary began, our original cult cleansing oil has been joined by  Super Seed and Clarifying formulas, and all three variants give you properly clean skin and a gorgeous dewy glow.

Votary Cleansing oils for beautiful healthy skin

Love, Arabella x

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