Love Your Skin ❤

Here are some at-home spa ideas to give you gorgeous, glowing skin this February! This Valentine’s month might look a little different to those from previous years, but we want to encourage you to spoil yourself and make time for some self-care. Check out our Valentine’s kits here.

1. Take the day off

Cleansing can be the most transformational step of your skincare routine. VOTARY Oil Cleansers remove every trace of make up and spf. Each full size cleanser comes with a wonderfully soft 100% cotton face cloth.

2. Treat Your Skin

Super Glow Mask works in three ways. It exfoliates, deep cleans and nourishes to leave skin radiant and smooth. Glow-giving lightweight watermelon and passionfruit oils give dewy radiance. Natural BHA salicylic acid gently exfoliates and smooths to reveal fresh new skin.

If you’re suffering from breakouts, try our Tamanu and Salicylic Rescue Mask. Previously exclusively available to spa clients, we decided to make this mask available to our customers since a spa visit may be off the cards for a little while longer. A highly effective salicylic mask made from natural, soothing plant oils including rice, oat and tamanu.

3. Get Your Glow

Stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic systems with a facial massage. Regular facial massage not only helps to tone your facial muscles but it also stimulates blood flow – helping to give your skin a gorgeous glow and remove toxins effectively.

Join Arabella and renowned facialist (and ex-supermodel!) Charlotte Connoley and learn how to give yourself a rejuvenating facial massage at home. Watch their video here.

4. Overnight Recovery

What you put on your skin at night can work with your skin’s natural renewal process. These products plump up the skin and encourage collagen production so if you aren’t sleeping well, you might wake up looking like you have.

5. Scent Yourself To Sleep

Soothe your limbs with a nourishing blend of plant oils. Let the natural lavender, rose and chamomile scent in our Antidote Bath and Body Oil help to de-stress your mind and smooth your skin. The aromatherapy oils in our bespoke pillow spray bring peace to your bedroom. Spritz onto your bed linen and allow the fragrance to settle and soothe you to sleep.

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