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My Votary Top Tips

My Votary top tips.

I’m often asked how to get the most from Votary pure plant oil based skincare, so here are my top tips to tell you how to get healthy, glowing skin.

1.  FACE CLOTHS MEAN REALLY CLEAN SKIN –  Always use a warm, clean face cloth to remove your Votary oil cleanser. It’s the best and gentlest way to exfoliate. Keep it clean – use a fresh cloth every day. Want to learn more about the skin-transforming Votary oil cleanse? Watch my video above.

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2.  JUST THREE DROPS –  Votary facial oils are packed with natural goodness. 3-4 drops is plenty to moisturise your face and neck. To make dosing easy for you, most Votary facial oils come in handy dropper bottles. Turn them upside down, hold still and wait for the drops to fall. Don’t shake the bottle to dispense.

Watch my video here

Top Votary Tips from Arabella

3.  ADD SOME SPA TO YOUR DAY –  Make facial massage part of your routine, whether you have 10 seconds or 10 minutes to spend. Go on, learn a new skill and get the glow!

Read my facial massage masterclass here.

Top Votary Tips from Arabella










4.  IT’S AS EASY AS ABC – For most of my clients I recommend a simple 3-step skincare routine:

A. Oil cleanse morning and night (you won’t need an additional make-up remover – Votary cleanser does it all)
B. Apply Votary serum at night
C. Follow with Votary facial oil and massage it in. Simple, natural and unfussy!

Read about the Votary 3 step routine here.

_Top Votary Tips from Arabella

5.  SLEEP, SLEEP SLEEP –  Sleep is crucial for skin health and mental health. Look after yourself inside and out by making sure you get the sleep you need. I know it’s easier said than done; I find that a good book and a spritz of Votary Pillow Spray works for me.



Love, Arabella x


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