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My Top Ten Beauty Hacks

My Top Ten Beauty Hacks

With a background as a make up artist and as co-founder of a natural, cult skincare company, I’m often asked for my top ten beauty hacks. Unsurprisingly, all of my beauty hacks start with great skin, and here they are…

1. Use one of our oil based cleansers morning and night. Available in three formulas depending on your skin type, they brilliant at whisking away every scrap of make-up, grime and SPF. Read here and here for more about how they work and which one is right for you.
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2. Make time each week to drench your skin in nourishing goodness. Use one of our facial oils twice daily to hydrate your skin and give it a gorgeous glow, and then once a week when you are pottering about the house or taking a bath. Slather it on and let your skin just drink in all the pure plant oil goodness. Afterwards, you’ll notice a difference in softness, in minimised fine lines, and in lovely plumped-up dewiness. Choose the best one for you here.

Breakouts – we all get them – a spot which comes out of nowhere and is red, sore and hard. Please believe me;  the worst thing you can do is apply harsh, astringent products which result in scaly, peeling skin and a long-lasting mark. If you apply our Blemish Rescue Oil to a spot, it works like a charm. The oil softens and calms the skin which means the antiseptic, healing ingredients can swiftly tackle the inflammation and infection. The skin is kept soft and supple so there’s no flaking or peeling, and healing is faster and scarring is minimised. Read here to learn more.
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4. Keep your limbs dewy and soft – especially through the harsh days of winter –  whilst making sure you get the best possible sleep. A good night’s sleep is written all over us. Votary Antidote Bath and Body Oil is a brilliant three-in-one product. Used in the bath or pre-shower, it cleans your skin beautifully. It counteracts the drying effects of hot water, and leaves your skin lustrously soft.  Applied direct to limbs it deeply hydrates, nourishes and makes your skin look beautifully glossy. The third benefit is that it can help soothe and unwind you.  Rich in soporific lavender oil, rose and chamomile, it creates a mood of tranquillity so that you can drift peacefully to sleep. It’s a fabulous triple whammy.
5. Love love love your face cloth.  This is my beauty hack obsession. Team Votary couldn’t be more of a face cloth fan club. Our 100% cotton soft, fluffy face cloths work brilliantly to help give you the skin you’ve dreamed of. Hold the warm, steamy flannel to your face after massaging in the cleansing oil to open up your pores and allow your skin to release grime and excess sebum. It also helps the potent ingredients in the cleansing oil to penetrate more deeply. Finally, when you use the face cloth to wipe everything off your face, the cotton fabric adds additional gentle exfoliation. If you need any extra convincing read here.

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6.I’m such a fan of facial massage. I know we’re all short of time, but even three minutes helps. Massaging facial oil into your skin helps it to be absorbed more deeply and work more effectively. It’s also good for lymph drainage and can reduce puffiness and congestion, and can help to soften lines as it releases muscular knots and tension.  It’s also brilliant for addressing mood. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, a few moments of gently massaging your face and mindfully breathing can soothe and settle you and make you feel restored and re-set. You know your face best and where you store tension. Some gentle, mindful massage can help you look as if you have slept for hours. Read here for my masterclass on technique.

7. I’m not a fan of fake tan. I’ve yet to find one that makes me look genuinely sun-kissed and glowing. I prefer bronzer. I think it’s much more natural looking, and allows you to build colour more carefully on your face. There’s no yellowy fade, and no additional chemicals  in your skin. I apply my bronzer with a soft, large brush, paying particular attention to my temples, cheekbones and  jawline. I love having a beautiful bronzed glow without damaging my skin to get it, and with the reassuring knowledge that I’ve got factor 50 sunscreen on beneath.

8. Lip liner  comes and goes in fashion, but I think it works brilliantly if you use it over your whole lip rather than just around the edge.  It creates a fantastic base for your lipstick, and allows the colour to be truer. It also guards against feathering and makes your lipstick last longer. Now that we’ve launched our fantastic new Tinted Lip Gloss I’m also a fan of adding a swoosh of it on top of my lipliner.  It adds  lustre, glow, and conditioning, and means my lips feel soft and supple throughout the day. It also feels particularly lovely on days when I want to be make-up free.

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9.  We all need a smoky eye once in a while. To get it right, it’s all about blending so that you don’t get distinct lines between the gradations of eye shadow. For a more natural look, dot eyeliner  deep into the lashline, and add some brow pencil to give you a perfectly sculpted finish.  Avoid your make-up settling into any creases in your eyelids by applying a quick sweep of our Intense Eye Oil them before beginning. Massage it in very gently so that no trace  of it remains, and then your eye socket will be perfectly prepped and plumped-up for eyeshadow . I always apply more  Intense Eye Oil after I’ve taken it all off, and I know I’ll wake up with my eyes looking bright and uplifted. Read more about it here.

10. Foundation – whatever level of coverage you are using, it’s better to apply it in thin, light layers and build the look that you  want. I like applying with my fingertips as I think it gives a more natural finish. For any t-zone patchiness, large pores or hyper-pigmentation, dab on concealer on top of your foundation to magic them away. If my skin is looking tired or dull, I apply some of our Jasmine and Calendula facial oil with a large stipple brush, working it deep into my skin and then layering my foundation on top. It gives my skin an extra-dewy glow.

I hope you’ve found my top ten beauty hacks helpful. If you have any top ten beauty hacks which involve using Votary, we’d love you to share them in the comments below.
Love, Arabella x
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