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Votary in Australia – an update

It’s three months since Votary launched in Australia, with our very own Australian website and our beautiful products stocked in Sephora.

We’ve been thrilled with how Votary has been received. We’ve gained so many new fans, and so much lovely press coverage, and we thought we’d share it to say thank you to all our fabulous new Australian Votarists.

Marie Claire gave us a great send off at launch, predicting that ‘this 100% natural skincare will be a sellout.’  Stellar called us ‘the brand to know,’ and described Votary as ‘a dose of health food.’

Gourmet Traveller included us in a ‘Bundle up and Settle in for the Night’ feature, suggesting Votary for an evening of pampering. Who, in a feature called Au Naturale,  praised our oil credentials, noting that our pure plant oils are easily absorbed and packed full of vitamins. Our Super Seed Facial Oil is their team favourite.

Country Style did a piece on winter essentials (which is now timely for us in the UK ), where they said our Super Seed Nutrient Cream can ‘tackle everything winter can throw at your skin.’

Australian Byrdie picked our Super Seed Facial Oil as their hero product, saying it’s ‘loaded with a stack of nourishing plant oils designed to calm, reduce inflammation and hydrate. It’s also a beautiful product to apply.’

Beauty Crew love our Intense Night Oil, Super Seed Cleansing Oil  and Super Seed Facial Oil.  They said  ‘What makes Votary different is how each formula is absorbed by and penetrates the skin, nourishing and hydrating  the complexion. Other skin products claim to achieve similar results but simply sit on the surface of the skin rather than reaching deep down into the lower skin layers.’  Beauty Crew also gave a mini tutorial on why it’s crucial to cleanse your skin properly at night (your skin secretes in the day and absorbs while you sleep, so if you haven’t cleaned off make up and grime, it settles into your pores, and you are also missing an opportunity to have the good stuff sink in…).  They recommend double cleansing to make sure every scrap of SPF, make up and dirt is removed, and then feeding your skin with our fabulous Intense Night rangeBeauty Crew also judged our Super Seed Facial Oil to be one of the ten best beauty launches in Australia in 2018, saying ‘What makes it stand out as a brand is it doesn’t just contain one or two supercharged ingredients.’  They love that it contains omega three to support healthy skin structure.

Russe declared themselves ‘totally devoted to Votary.’  

Whimn did a piece on  Number One Hero Ingredients and picked pure natural plant oil – especially tomato seed oil which is a star player in our Super Seed range.

Badlands repeated Arabella’s mantra, saying that faces shouldn’t feel dry and tight after cleansing, and telling their readers ‘You’ve been cleaning your faces all wrong.’ (For anyone else who is worried about that, watch here to see Arabella explain why plant oil and a fluffy face cloth are the answer to unhappy skin).

We’ve also been so happy to receive rave reviews from bloggers and make-up artists. Influencer Tash Sefton says Votary ‘brings skin back to life.’  Make-up artist Peter Beard says the cleansers ‘leave the skin feeling cleaned but not stripped which is so important for make -up prep.’  Make-up artist Max  May says ‘it’s not just a cleanser; it refreshes, balances sebum, hydrates and nurtures skin. Next to coffee it is the best wake up call ever!’  We’ll take that…

We’re so happy that our first few months in Australia have been so wonderful. Thank you to everyone who has helped make it happen. As we approach our first Australian summer, we look forward to our pure, potent, plant facial oils helping to keep skin healthy, happy and radiant, and our beautiful body oils keeping limbs smooth and lustrous through sunshine-filled days.

Love, Arabella x

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