All about your microbiome

Buzz words in skin care abound. Microbiome is having a moment, and I thought you might like a guide to why it’s such a hero.

Your skin is home to multiple micro-organisms known as skin flora. This community is called the skin’s microbiome. It’s an invisible, perfect little eco-system that lives on your skin’s surface and works to  keep it healthy and in good condition. It’s unique to you – everyone has their own microbiome – and it’s affected by age, lifestyle and diet. It’s also composed of different flora depending on where it is on your body. Your microbiome is responsible for controlling how your skin behaves. Having diverse, plentiful flora is crucial to having a happy one.

Your  microbiome is very active. It helps to keep your skin’s  PH value at the optimum level. It works with the skin’s barrier function to protect against unfriendly organisms. It  produces essential skin lipids and nutrients. It plays a part in all the processes which make your skin look and feel healthy. 

If your microbiome is compromised – for example by flora being destroyed by harsh products, by lipid levels being reduced, or by irritating fragrance allergens – it is less able to support the skin. The skin surface becomes less smooth. It  can crack, or become red and sore. If the microbiome is out of balance, skin can be dry, rough and uncomfortable.

So how can you cherish your microbiome?  

You can do this by eating well and by using skincare which works effectively with the skin’s flora. Treating the microbiome with care means using products which are gentle, and which respect the skin’s ecosystem.  That’s why I’m so passionate about pure plant oils. They are natural, gentle, effective and easily absorbed. They work with the microbiome to cleanse and nourish your skin. The result is happy, healthy, glowing skin. 

Votary skincare works in tandem with the skin’s microbiome. Our Super Seed range has been designed to work with skin that is sensitive or unsettled. Specific products – like our soothing new Super Seed Serum – work to re-set fragile, unhappy skin and calm it back to health. 

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Loving your skin couldn’t be more natural.

Love, Arabella x

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