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September mornings bring with them the first hint of autumn. Dew on cobwebs, misty mornings, blackberries on hedgerows, back to school new pencil cases, and the prospect of new boots and thick, soft sweaters. It’s also a moment of adjustment for your skin. Summer days are heavenly but can be hard on your face. Even if you are meticulous with your factor 50 sunscreen, days at the beach and poolside mean your skin is exposed to salt, chlorine, UVA and UVB.  SPF itself can clog and congest. Even if you wouldn’t describe your skin as dry or dehydrated, I think we can all confess to our skin feeling a little parched and over-exposed as summer cedes to autumn. As you pack away  your flip flops, sarongs and bikinis and ready yourself for autumn wear, it’s good to help your skin adjust too, and to adopt an autumn skin care routine that will soothe, prep and prime your skin ready for cooler days to come.

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If you are already using our Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil, check in with your skin and see if it’s still feeling as supple after use as normal. If it’s feeling a little parched, it might be good to switch – temporarily as your skin seasonally adjusts – to our Super Seed Cleansing Oil, which is thicker and richer. You can buy it in our mini size just to give your skin some extra nourishment while cleansing.  If you are new to oil cleansing, our our original cult Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil is the best place to start. It will properly clean your skin and leave it feeling beautifully soft. Both cleansing oils can also be used an intensive hydration masks. Simple slather onto your skin, shower or bathe, and then remove as usual afterwards. Your skin will drink in all the goodness, and your pores will be deep-down cleansed.  The crucial part of the Votary cleansing routine is using the warm, wrung-out face cloth to remove the cleanser. It’s particularly brilliant in the autumn because its 100% cotton super-softness provides additional gentle mechanical exfoliation without abrasion. Tanned, compacted dead skin is gently removed to reveal fresh glowing skin beneath.

After cleansing, it’s time to add some plump dewiness. Our Brightening Hyaluronic Serum is perfect for addressing any new fine lines or areas of dehydration.  Natural narcissus extract and glycolic acid combine to smooth skin texture, minimise pores and fine lines, and to even-out tone. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin to retain more moisture, and gentle Neroli flower water refreshes and soothes.

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Your skin is then ready for some serious hydration. If your skin feels really challenged, go straight to our Rose Maroc and Sandalwood Facial Oil. This is the ultimate soother. It fixes any dryness or tautness and leaves your skin gorgeously plumped and baby-soft. Rich in avocado oil and apricot oil for supreme nourishment, it provides brilliant protection, especially if skin is seasonally fragile. If your skin feels parched in places, our Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil is perfect and  gives an instant, dewy glow.  Neroli oil brightens, and myrrh calms, soothes and restores. Argan oil selectively hydrates without overloading while Hazelnut oil re-balances unsettled skin.

If your skin is still hungry, add a dab of our Super Seed Nutrient Cream. Made with the same 22 different seed oils as our cult Super seed range, it’s deeply moisturising, protective, and fabulous for skin recovery. It leaves your skin matte, smooth and super-hydrated. It’s also a brilliant primer for make-up. If you seasonally switch from a barely-there, sheer foundation in the summer to something denser with more coverage in the autumn, it will keep it looking fresh and dewy all day long.

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At night, you can also add some really restorative power to your autumn routine. Votary Intense Night Oil transforms your skin while you sleep. Packed full of nature’s most powerful ingredients, it contains avocado oil, tomato seed oil, rosehip oil and antioxidants which work with a gentle oil-soluble form of retinoid to nurture, nourish and restore the skin. Intense Eye Oil is brilliant at re-setting parched skin from all that smiling in your sunnies; you wake to brighter, firmer skin around the eyes. Lastly, don’t forget your lips and your limbs. And, drench dry limbs in our Antidote Bath and Body Oil. Use in the bath, or smooth all over your skin before stepping into the shower. Alternatively, use neat –  direct to your skin – as you prepare for bed. Passionflower, calendula and sweet almond deeply moisturise and add lustrous, soft smoothness to your body.

Restore, cosset and nourish all your autumn skin with Votary pure plant oil goodness. And, let’s console ourselves that the passing of summer brings with it mellow evenings, one pot suppers, fragrant candles and fireside cosiness. Bring it on…

Love, Arabella x

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